Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter in Photos

Making a play-dough mountain with the Livesay lards.

Watching the Jesus Storybook Bible min-movie about the cross.

Then we had the sweetest Good Friday service.  Beautiful.

After church we painted our mountains.  Big. Fat. Mess.

Aint nobody gonna steal the Hendrick boy's Jesus.  Uh-uh.  No way.

Saturday we dyed our hands some eggs.

And there are my granny hands.  You're welcome.

Yes.  Another big fat mess.  We went to church today with dyed hands.

I love this boy.

Sunday Morning.  Before the kids woke up I rolled the tomb away.
I also threw our pipe cleaner Jesus in the trash.
It always feels weird to trash Jesus.
I discard him while whispering, "Sorry.  Sorry."

Sunday sunrise service.
Three out of the six of us attended.
Three of us think getting up before the sun gets up is normal.
Three of us think getting up before the sun is crazy talk.


Aw.  Yes.  Church at a normal time of day.

This morning I took the tag off this dress to wear to church.  The tag said $99.  Kirby bought it for $2 at a garage sale.  Just needed to mention that because I heart garage sales.  During church Tara leaned up and whispered in my ear..."You look like June Cleaver."  I'm still her friend, but only because it's Easter.

 After church we headed to Beth's for an Easter feast.  That Beth.  She's the best for lots of reasons but man oh man can she make a meal...and make little kid's faces light up.  Candy, candy, and more candy.

 So much candy.  Delirious.  They were downright delirious.

Beth and some of the Livesay girls before they went into a sugar coma.

Such a beautiful Easter weekend.  So many moments I was overwhelmed by how unworthy I am to have this life, to mother these boys, to be married to this man, to have such deep down friends, mentors, family, forgiveness, grace, mercy, hope, salvation, the cross, and heaven.

Not because I'm good enough, or try hard enough, or pray enough or read my Bible enough or behave enough, or believe enough, or trust God enough.  Grace.  It's the only thing in which I can boast.

This wretch is incredibly thankful.


Marla Taviano said...

I felt your last few paragraphs today too. Thank you, Jesus. I'm so blessed.

Love this post. And Tara's fb comment about your bedroom heels. ;)

The Fire Wife said...

I find it really funny to picture you apologizing to the garbage can. You put so well into words the overwhelming gift of grace. Simple words, but rightly put together. Happy Easter.

Kirby said...

Love those granny hands!

mbs said...

Is that Mary and Tony standing on the other side of John when he's preaching?

What a blessed Easter weekend.

And PS You're way more hip and classy than June!!

Hendrick Family said...

Yes. That is the Dekoters!

Bob & Judy said...

How many times have your pictures included some precious little girl giving one of our boys the "love look?" This time, it was for Hudson. Get used to it, guys.

mbs said...

He was my 7th grade teacher. WAAAAAAYYYY back before you were even born ;-)

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

"the only thing in which I can boast"


Also? Hudson looks like a placid, serene lamb. I'm just sayin'. (People say stuff like that to me about Siley all the time and it feels SO good to say it back to someone else!)

ps - You look very pretty and Eastery.