Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Patty Whack and Roast Beast

So apparently, in some parts of the world St. Patrick's Day is a big deal.  It's not a big deal where I'm from.  I vaguely remember something about the color green and getting pinched.  Maybe something about Lucky Charms?  End of story.  So, when Beth McHoul said, "St. Patrick's Day is my second favorite holiday" I thought she was being funny.  I was just about to respond back with a sarcastic "Oh...well...Presidents Day is my second favorite holiday, right after National Pistachio Day"  until I realized Beth wasn't kidding.  She was being serious.  She's from Boston and in Boston, they know how to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

"We're going to have corned beef and cabbage!  You always have corned beef and cabbage on St. Patrick's Day!"  Beth was so excited.

Corned what?  I had never heard of this.  Even though we were not sure what all this St. Patty's Day hoopla was all about, we would never miss a holiday at the McHouls.  No way.

Carrots (the carrots in Haiti are incredible and freakishly large), potatoes, cabbage, corned-something-or-other, and homemade rolls.  This was a very special day for anyone who remotely likes food.

That corndog beef or whatever it's called was delicious!  We decided right there at the dinner table that from now on, from this day forward, we will forever be Bostonians on St. Patrick's Day.  Texas, you know I'll always be your girl but admit it...the Lone Star State is totally lame on St. Patrick's Day.

Beth made cupcakes for the kids to decorate.

 Why waste time smearing the icing on a cupcake when you can eat it right out of the cup?
This moment made me proud.

I swear.  There was no alcohol at this party.  Ashton was drunk on beef and sugar.

oh.  I love these ladies.

Holidays are extra special in Haiti.  Eating food that actually required some forethought (that's not how most of our meals go down in this country), hanging out with friends, watching our kids enjoy the day and laugh with the sweet community God has given them...these things are priceless gifts to us.  They remind me of how deeply we have been blessed.  Undeserved blessings.  God gives them, and I don't know why.

Beth and Tara.  Aren't they lovely? 

A long anticipated feast.  A banquet.  A party.  Friends.  Family.  Catching up.  Laughter.  Love.  Holidays will forever and ever remind me of what God has in store for us in heaven.

Beefy-corn and cabbage.  Now one of my favorite meals.  How many days until the next St. Patrick's Day?


John said...

Texas must have a holiday where you feast on beef jerky. Is that on Thanksgiving Day?

mbs said...

"corned beef and cabbage"...reminds me of a Brian Regan sketch.

Glad you had fun. You Texans must be able to show off one of your own holidays, maybe Cinco de Mayo? :) It could become the next excuse for a party.

mandi said...

Yes! We love St. Patrick's day around here too! We eat shepherd's pie and soda bread every year.

Oh- and to John up there- that "holiday" you described- yeah, that's every day in Texas. Fry that baby up and you have yerself a holiday smack dab in the middle of the week!

John said...

Thanks for the language lesson. I am still trying to master some of the words that the Hendricks use and now I will add "yerself" and "smack dab in the middle" to my list.

Sarah said...

We always eat corned beef and cabbage on New Years Day. It's supposed to bring good luck in the new year.

Bob & Judy said...

Texas has many varied and special holidays for gorging on beef and corn. Names all end with ""

Like Monday. Or Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

Although Sunday sometimes falls in the Fried Chicken and Corn Day category.

Looked like a great party. (And isn't Heather about the prettiest missionary I've ever seen?)

Jenn Harrist said...

Having just experienced our "first" New England St. Patty's day (we must have slept through last year), I will have to agree, TX is pretty lame on this holiday. Ask her if the Leprechauns bring the green milk to their house as well. Apparently those Leprechauns run rampant up here! Still wasn't brave enough to try corned beef and cabbage, tho.

Anthony & Sharon said...

In all of that St. Patty's day frivolity you didn't even have time to mention how rockin' that red table and chairs are in Beth's house. That beef corn candy must be some awesome stuff!

Blake said...

Holy Smokes. You get Coke Zero in Haiti?

Yet another reason I want to come for a visit.

Great that you get to share the holidays (both old and new) with your friends.