Thursday, March 31, 2011

Just the Gift we Needed

Venette walked out on the crowded porch holding her new baby.  The women waiting for prenatals to start took one look and squealed.  "Venette!  You had your baby!"

They stood rejoicing with their friend over this precious new life.

Venette came to the maternity center in labor.  She arrived on the back of a motorcycle.  She was already at a 10.  She had a safe, healthy delivery.  We're so thankful.

I keep staring at this photo.  It makes my eyes fill up with tears.  Venette's birth was non-eventful.  We love Venette, and are thankful her birth was perfect and beautiful.  We're all so weary of one big sad mess after another lately.  Those of us working at Heartline today prayed before things got rolling.  We always do that.  This was one of those prayer times that found us crying and snotting...trying to find the words to pray, but mostly thanking God that he understands and makes sense of the groans and the tears.  Cries.  Words.  Snot.  Tears.  A room full of women begging God for mercy, healing, and grace...and thanking Him that He is strong when we're spent...done...and weak.

Seeing Venette holding her baby today felt like salve on a wound.  Salve on a wound?  Congratulations.  I'm officially 90 years old.  Okay it was more like eating ice cream after a long jog in the Texas sun.

These women.  Their babies.  They have stolen our hearts.

After you finish staring at those beautiful smiles in that photo and letting the gift of a normal birth sink into your soul, can we talk about how incredible these women are?

Let me know when you're ready.

Now?  Oh good.  I can hardly hold it in.

Venette rode on the back of a motorcycle for miles down Haiti's joke of a road system while she was in hard labor.  She was at a 10!  Let's marvel.  Selah.  Stop and think on that for a moment.  Can you imagine?

Some of Aaron's worst memories are of taking his wife to the hospital in early labor.  On our smooth, American rodes, in our air-conditioned, comfortable car let's just say I was a total **bleep** all the way (all five miles) to the hospital.

These women.  Oh these women.  Have they stolen your heart too?


Andrea Manor said...

I bought a purse that Vennette made a few months ago! I saw awhile back when you posted her due date, so our family has been praying for her, I am so glad to hear she and her baby are safe! Can't wait to show my daughter the pictures in the morning.

FireWife said...

Not that it has anything to do with your post, but we had a meeting at church tonight, and laid out our next year's plan for outreach. We've got local, regional, national, and (this is the part that actually pertains to your corner of the globe) International, with a focus in Haiti!!

I've really enjoyed getting a glimpse into the life there. Hopefully we can meet someday, but even if not, please know that a small town in SC is becoming aware of the needs in your current country, and we're coming.

Thank you for sharing your heart on here!

God's Plumbline Ministries said...

I love seeing a picture of her new baby! I knew she was going to have a girl this time. What did she name her? So many emontions living in that crazy place - it is a ride! His Grace - Sheila

Shonda said...

Praise God for her safe delivery and encouragement and comfort for your team!

Megan said...

How wonderful to have some happy tears for you all to cry! Have been praying for stamina for all you amazing women who are making such a difference.

Holly Rehmann said...

Beautiful! Awesome! Relief! And praise!

Andrea: I, too, have a purse Venette made! AND I LOVE IT! I can't go anywhere without getting a compliment on my grocery bag style purse.

This brings much joy to my heart.

Peace, Holly

Susan, wife of 1, mother of 4 said...

WOW, 10??? That is TOTALLY impressive! And she's standing up holding her baby when it is what, hours old? We are total American wimps! Terrific post, Heather. I'm so glad you had some good news!

mbs said...

Hallelujah!! Praise God for his mercies.

(And don't knock the word "salve" - it's the one that keeps coming to mind when I pray for you guys. And another word: balm....When's the last time you used that in conversation other than referring to chap stick? :)

Marla Taviano said...

Praise you, Jesus!! What beautiful redemption!

Maureen said...

Your posts humble me every single time.Here's to strong women.

Enjoy Birth said...

This is an inspirational story and I am so glad that you had a nice normal birth to enjoy.

Julie Marler (Mammy) said...

Sort of like Mary riding a donkey right before she delivered our Savior! I bet Mary was dilated and experiencing a few labor pains on her long journey too!

Hendrick Family said...

I'm so glad you ladies have Venette bags!

She had a baby girl. She told Tara that they have not named the baby yet. Waiting for the husband to name her.

That's normal here.

Beautiful baby. She's doing so well.

Thanks for loving our ladies and buying bags from Haitian Creations.


Rachel said...

Just loved this post. Love how God shows up.

Better than Empty

Rebecca said...

Yes! They have completely and totally stolen my heard and I love reading your posts and getting a glimpse into this life!

mamamargie said...

Amazing! Their strength is inspiring.