Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Housekeeping Items

 -----{teachers} -----

We're still looking for teachers for this group of crazies:

Even though Tara did a top-notch job of describing how craptacular living in Haiti can be, I've been overwhelmed by how many eager, qualified people have responded to the need for teachers.  Either these people are lunatics, or Jesus is in this.  I'm going to choose to believe that Jesus is in this.

We're meeting this weekend to go through all the emails we have received and send applications to some of those who have applied.  If you're interested in one of the teaching positions (we're hiring two teachers) please send us an email by Friday.  The job description and contact information can be found here.

-----{hendrick housing sitch} -----

Last Sunday after church the Heartline group met at the new property for lunch and a time of worship, prayer, and discussion.  (these pics were taken by Beth and Joanna)


One of the points of discussion was whether or not our family should move on the land in August.  As many of you know, Heartline has purchased three acres of land.  Eventually we will be building a beautiful maternity center on the property, moving some of the other programs out there, and hopefully building a hospital on the land as well.  The plan is to try and put as many of our programs on one piece of property.  This new project would also include building missionary housing so that those working full time for Heartline could live together right on the land where the programs are housed.

Communal living.  All of us at Heartline really love each other, but that's not the main reason living on the same property together where our programs are housed is a smart idea.  Having one piece of property, one set of security guards, fewer generators, shared vehicles, chickens, a giant garden, etc. is by far the cheapest way to live in this expensive country.  Ultimately this means more money will go to ministry.  That's exciting to all of us.     

When we first committed to work with Heartline next year, the original plan was to move into a community that is closer to where we'd be working.  We began looking for houses, trying to determine a budget for next year.  After looking at a few houses, we were discouraged.  The houses we looked at were really expensive.  Not only were they expensive, they would also require work (thus money) for us to be able to move in.  I don't mean the houses would need work to make them pretty or feel more like "me".  You should see where I live right now.  Although having the cutest house on earth used to be a part of my life, it no longer is.  Shockingly I'm more fine with that than I ever thought I would be.  When I say they would need work, I'm not talking paint and new counter tops.  I'm talking about things like one house had zero ceiling fans.  It was hot as Hades.  To make the house bearable, we'd probably have to buy about 10 ceiling fans (at about $300 each).  Then we'd move out in a year to the land that Heartline owns.  Sounds like a waste of money.  We're trying to be wise and not waste money.  That kind of stuff makes our stomach hurt.  Being wasteful with money is probably always wrong.  Being wasteful when living on support and surrounded by people who don't get to eat every day is nausea inducing.  We simply can't do that.

So right now we're praying about bypassing renting a house in the original area we thought we'd be living and moving directly to the property instead.  We'll probably put a house like this one....

Out on the new land....

We're still praying and asking God what we should do.  We're also praying and asking God to provide two more acres of land.  Heartline bought three acres, but there are two acres for sale that are connected to the land we own.  Please, please read John's post about the additional two acres we'd like to buy.  We'd be so grateful if you'd be praying with us about this extra land and all the Kingdom things we could use it for if it belonged to Heartline. It was a beautiful day on the property talking, praying, and dreaming about all God will do on this new acreage. 


mandi said...

Wow! Exciting things brewing! We will continue to pray for your housing and for the extra acreage.

Call me when it's time to put that garden in. ; )

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Well, I dig that house. And I extra-dig the thought process behind it all.


ps - Cereal boxes. Coming your way. Can I throw in the book?

pss - Why do you insist upon not advising me as to the appropriateness of throwing in the book??

psss - Is this our first fight?

bye. again.

Hendrick Family said...

I love that our first fight is over an Asian Mother.

Yes! I want the book! Most definitely.


Anthony & Sharon said...

What a wonderful dilemma to be praying about! I ask now that the Lord will guide each decision and no matter how many twists and turns it takes to get to it, that it would arrive soon and that you all feel at peace about it... and that the decision you reach will bring an even greater sense of community to all you Heartline folks. To the praise of his Glory.

Also, that potential house on the property rocks!

a la carte/a little water said...

praying the Lord will show you exactly what to do at the exact right time. Such exciting things are happening there with you all and I couldn't be more glad to hear about it.