Monday, February 28, 2011

The Read-a-Thon Big Reveal!

Oh Snap.  I'm a sucker for a Big Reveal.  I love the end of any real-life, hard work, all for a good cause kind of story. Gets me all flustered and emotional.  Funks up my mascara.

The boys got their totals from their reading logs at school today.  Apparently, getting their reading logs causes my children to run home, throw open the front door and declare with their outside voices (even though they are inside) how many minutes they read last week.  I was happy for them, but not ready for all the excitement over totals and reading and sending Haitian kids to school to wake up the littlest Hendrick from his much needed nap.  I shushed them.  We celebrated with whispery "Woo-whos and quiet high-fives and boody bumps.!"

At the bottom of  this post are things that only matter to people who sponsored the kids, so I'll spare the rest of you and go on ahead and post the total money the boys raised. No matter if you sponsored the boys or not, totals are always fun to hear, and thinking about kids going to school next year who normally wouldn't will get anybody with a pulse clapping.

You sponsored.  They read. Here's the fruit of your gifts and their time spent in front of some of our favorite books:

Anson read 893 minutes (15 hours) and raised $1,444.22. Hayden read 578 minutes (10 hours) and raised $1,520.22.  Ashton read 612 minutes (10 hours) and raised $1,452.80

 photo credit:  Sarah Clarke
TeacHaiti Second Grade Class

Because of the hours the boys read and the money you have promised to give, we will be able to write a check to Teach Haiti for a whopping $4,417.24.  Anyone want to bring that number up to a flat $4,500?  Anyone?

photo credit:  Sarah Clarke
TeacHaiti Fourth Grade Class

With that money 12 kids will go to school next year who could have never done so without a scholarship.  We are extremely thankful for each of you.  We're also very proud of our boys and the hours they spent in front of their books reading so that other kids can read as well.  They took this challenge very seriously, and we saw them feel the weight of this as they asked to write something for the blog and read without our prompting throughout the week.

The boys would like to tell you something...

 (that means a lot)

We ask that you pay up as quickly as possible.  We'd like to present Miquette with the money as soon as we can.  If not, the boys will drive us insane.

For those of you who sponsored a flat rate, thank you!  Below are the details about paying securely through Paypal.

For those of you who sponsored the kids per 15 minutes of reading, here are their totals again:

Anson read 893 minutes.
Hayden read 578 minutes.
Ashton read 612 minutes.

I'm trying to think of a way to make this easier for those of you who sponsored per 15 minutes.  My favorite thing in life is to do math (eye roll) but I'm going to attempt to manipulate numbers (with a calculator) because I love all of you and know your lives are just as busy as mine (although arguably, if you can do fourth grade math, you're more advanced than I am).  Check my math.  You really should, if you know what is best for you.

If you sponsored $1 for every 15 minutes read, your totals comes to $59.53 (Anson), $38.53 (Hayden), $40.80 (Ashton).

If you sponsored 25 cents for every 15 minutes read, your totals come to $14.88 (Anson), $9.63 (Hayden), $10.20 (Ashton)

If you sponsored $1.50 for every 15 minutes read, your totals come to $89.30 (Anson), $57.80 (Hayden), and $61.20 (Ashton).

If you sponsored 50 cents for every 15 minutes read, your totals come to $29.77 (Anson), $19.27 (Hayden), and $20.40 (Ashton).


1.  Mosey on over to Aaron's blog.

2.  Look on the right column of the blog.  You'll see a section that says, "Support Us."  Click on the "Donate" button under the title, "One-Time Gift."

3.  Enter the amount you are giving, and hit "update."

4.  If you already use Paypal for other things and have an account, then you can sign in to Paypal where it prompts you.

5.  If you do not use Paypal normally then look over on the left of the screen.  See where it says, "Don't have a paypal account?"  That's you.  (and me, actually..I don't have one either...well...I do actually, but haven't been able to remember my password in about 8 years, so I've sort of grieved it and moved on.)  Fill in the needed information.

6.  For those of you with a Paypal account or without one...look for the blue writing that says, "Add special instructions to the seller."  Click on the blue writing, and then in the box, please add a note that tells us the money goes to Teach Haiti.


We can't wait to hand over a check to Miquette Denie.  Very soon we're taking the boys out to the school to meet the kids.  We'll take lots of pictures to show off the beautiful work being done by Teach Haiti.  I already know it will be a sweet day that the boys may never forget as they come face to face with the fact that there is great need in this world, but by God's grace there are also ways to push back some of that darkness, offer hope, and love their neighbors with the same love that they have been graciously shown.

 ----- FUNNY ----

Anson saw the totals for the read-a-thon.  He looked over how many each of his brothers read.  He looked over how much each of them earned.  He stood there silently doing the math.  He put it all together in his head and then said..."So...Hayden read the least and earned the most?  What the heck?  How is his life always like that?"

We had to laugh.  Anson nailed it.  To our utter frustration some times, Hayden's life is exactly like that.


Meagan said...

If no one else has spoken up, I'd love to make up the difference and make it an even $4500!!

Hendrick Family said...


Thank you! Someone already did give the money to make up the difference. The post was only up a few minutes and the money landed in our paypal account. We were so excited.


Bob & Judy said...

Ours is up, too. Cause I meant to pledge $1 per 15 minutes. So proud of the boys! And so excited about the kids who will not have to worry about whether they go to school.

mandi said...

I had the same question as Anson. That is hilarious!

Ok- off to the paypal button. I'm proud of your boys!

How much did the whole school raise???!

The Kramer Family said...

so beyond proud of those boys! this is so exciting and special.

i read every word of this post to Kaylyn and let me tell you, she is inspired by her cousins! we are trying to think of our own mini-read-a-thon to do- but surprisingly she is "stuck" on having a store still. ha!

after i was done reading this to her, she went in the living room and said,"hey dad. guess what my cousins did? they read a lot of books and are sending 12 kids to school."

Hendrick Family said...


I can hear her saying that. Made me smile, then made me sad. I miss that girl!

I was kind of thinking we need to organize another read-a-thon for next year that includes anyone who wants to join us online. Our kids would be reading, but invite other kids to join in and get their own sponsors.

What do you think?


marilyn said...

I just sent my funding. Glad the boys had a good time reading and hope the reading doesn't stop here! Keep it up boys. Books will take your mind lots of great places and help lots of people at the same time. Keep sharing the love too.

Zoanna said...

I don't even know you guys, but I'm so proud of you all. For the boys for reading, for you and Aaron encouraging sacrifice for others and for Christ, and for promoting reading and education all the way around!

The Kramer Family said...

that sounds awesome and will definitely give my girl even more motivation to be reading well:).

i love this idea!!!!

Amanda said...

I am coming in late (taking care of a 5 year old recovering from a tonsillectomy will put a cramp in your blog reading ability!) but we would like to sponsor a child for the year of school at $350. Should Isend this through you or (since the event is techinically over) just go to the TeachHaiti website directly? Thanks again for making me aware of such great opportunities to help!

Hendrick Family said...


Thank you so much! You can definitely give through the Teach Haiti website. That will probably be easiest since you are paying the whole amount.

We just found out that if you give through Teach Haiti you get a tax receipt for your gift. We're going to let others know.

Will you make a note when paying through Teach Haiti that the money was through the read-a-thon?

Thank you!!

the momma said...

Great Job, guys!!!! It's so exciting to think that a DOZEN kids will be able to read the Bible & share God's word with their families because of YOU!!
paid through the Teach Haiti site & added a note

Amanda said...

Will do! Thanks!