Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Beautiful Partnership

Marla Taviano, author of the book, Expecting:  Praying for Your Child's Development- Body and Soul has a beautiful idea.  She is working to link women in first world countries with our Heartline mothers in this third world country.  She is asking women in the States to pray for pregnant women here in Haiti.  Beautiful, right?  If this interests you, please check out Marla's post where she explains her vision of women praying for women.

Below are pictures of most of our expecting moms in the program.  A few more women were recently added, so as soon as we have those pictures we'll be sure to add them.  Again...thank you for loving and caring for our ladies.  Because this is Haiti we consider each of these pregnancies high risk, which means we are always thankful when people pray.

Photo credit:  Joanna Howard, Heartline midwife

Enisse:  in labor right now
please pray
15 year old girl
lives in Harbor House
As you pray during her labor you can read what Tara wrote yesterday.

 Dalonne:  due now

Michelene: due Feb. 21

MontCarmelle:  due Feb. 24
Venette (on right):  due Feb. 28

Andremene:  due March 12

Lucille Pierre:  due March 24

Djuena:  due March 25

Kerline:  due March 31

Franchette:  due April 5

Joanne:  due April 6

Francois:  due April 15

Junie:  due April 25

Joanne:  due April 29

Diutha:  due April 30

 Chrismene:  due May 10

Yolette:  due May 16

Leoni:  due June 11
19 years old
Living in Harbor House

Nocelia:  due June 15

Kesline:  due August 25


Marla Taviano said...

Oh, Heather!! Thank you soooo much!! I know this was a lot of work, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. The pictures are beautiful! The women are just gorgeous.

Father God, we thank you so much for this amazing honor and privilege to pray for these dear women and their unborn children. Please help us to be faithful and consistent in prayer.

Heather said...

Oh my goodness this is so beautiful!!!

Rachel said...

I really like this idea. I was up in the night unable to sleep and feeling like I was starving (I'm 12 weeks pregnant), and it got me thinking about these Haitian women who really don't have enough food and the hunger pains they experience. I prayed for them for awhile last night. Thanks for names and faces to go with it.

Marci said...

I'll be specifically praying for Kerline. Thank you!

Marci said...

Also, can I send her a care package near her due date? How would I go about doing that?

Arvil's Wife said...

Thank you. I often get so caught up in my own little world and this was so refreshing. I have been a skeptic of foreign missions, my husband as well. Since reading this, my heart has changed completely and I cannot thank you enough for your sacrifice and your blog. My husband is slowly coming around as well (he's even letting go of a lifetime of racism.)

Kristine (a/k/a Mouse) said...

I considered. I looked at the faces. I judged who I believed would be "worthy" of my prayers and then repented. And then I saw Yolette: due May 16, which is my own birthday. I will be printing her picture and putting it on my fridge and praying for her until I hear that her child is safely in our world. Then I will continue to pray for her and that child. Any info you can/will send me would be great.

I love love love reading this blog. It reminds me that the world is so much bigger than my small, safe, comfortable, heat-included, first-world apartment. Keep writing!! (hug)

mbs said...

I'd love to participate, too, but between your comment section and Marla's, I don't know who needs "covering" yet. I think this is an awesome idea, and I've been praying over Enisse the last 24 hours already. If Enisse has lots of prayer covering, then pick me another one. Otherwise I'll continue covering Enisse and baby Sophia.

MelbaToast (the only "handle" I could think of that uses MBS - can you help me think of another one? trying to stay as anonymous as possible on the WWW :-)

Patty said...

Feb 21st is my husbands & my grandmothers birthdays. Grandma will be looking over these ladies from heaven and my husband and I will send love their way from Texas.

Dianne said...

These ladies are each SO BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you for spotlighting them...this opened up something in me to see how lovely these women are that God created in His image, and it made me more thankful than ever that they are where they are right now. I thought of the scripture that God will complete the work in them that He has begun. I pray for His continual work of regeneration, redemption and transformation in all the women who have and will come through your doors, and I knew as I saw these faces that He will do beautiful works to spread the gospel through them and those children in their wombs. I can't thank you enough for posting these pictures. I love the smiles and joy shown in those pictures...I know there is pain too, but so thankful that God has brought them to a place where the joy and peace of the Lord is opened up to them.
This also gives a more vivid picture of the lives being touched through Heartline and opens me up more fully to prayer for all of you ministering there to these women.

Jennifer Hanson said...

I'll be praying for Leoni using the "Expecting" book! Thanks for putting this together for us.

Life Unbound said...

Love this idea! I had actually just been thinking about how cool it would be to have a "prayer-matching" program for those ladies. They are so beautiful! I would feel honored to pray for Francois and for Joanne (the second one). I'm printing their pictures to put in my Bible. Is there anyway we could send a small baby gift when their time comes? I know customs is sometimes a problem with things like that.

Cruzin_mom said...

Please include me as a prayer doula.

Faith Cruz

Heidi M said...

I'll be praying for Junie!

Lindsey said...

I read this post just knowing someone would have a due date for my daughter's birthday... it was Joanne!

Your family is so inspiring. Thank you for showing us a piece of the world and our Father's Kingdom we may not be able to see first hand. Please tell Joanne that Lindsey and baby Julia will pray for her and her precious baby...