Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ah Book It...Book It Good

Every once in awhile my boys ask to take over the blog...

Hay!  We are having a read-athon at school.  It starts Friday, February 18-25.  All the money goes to a organization named Teach Haiti.  Teach Haiti is a organization founded by Miss Miquette Denie.  She helps kids who are poor in Haiti go to school so the kids can learn new stuff.  It costs 350 dollars U.S. for a kid to go to school for a whole year.  We don't know what it would be like if we couldn't go to school.  So even if we read a million minutes it will be worth it for other kids to get to go to school.  The way you can help is by donating money to sponcer us.  The ways you can do it is you can donate a certin amount of money for every 15 min. or just flat out.  We hope this year we will make the most money for the readathon.

Thank you,
The Hendrick Boys

Aaron and I met Miquette last May.  Her story is incredible.  She was raised in Haiti.  Her parents worked hard to provide her with an education.  There is no such thing as free education in Haiti.  Forty percent of this country is illiterate.  Parents work hard to send their kids to school, but most children can't go or end up going to school off and on as money is available.  It's very normal to meet kids who are 15 years old and in fourth grade.  Kills me.

Miquette was offered an opportunity to go to the United States on a rotary scholarship when she was in eleventh grade.  She finished school in the States and went on to nursing school.  She came back to Haiti to offer Haitian kids the same opportunities she was graciously given.  An education.

We are incredibly proud of the work she is doing.  $350 pays for a child's tuition to school for the year, plus meals during the day, school supplies, and vaccinations.

One of my favorite moments with Miquette was sitting and listening to her heart.  With tears running down her face (and down ours) she told us about her dream for kids to go to learn to read.  She said something like this..."Maybe they won't all end up going to fancy colleges, or becoming doctors, but if they can simply read well...then they can read the Bible.  My parents can't read.  They don't have the privilege of picking up God's Word and reading it for themselves.  They need me to read it to them.  I want these kids to have an education and be able to read and think for themselves.  I want them to read the Bible on their own." 

The school our kids attend is having a read-a-thon, and like the boys said...all the money goes to Teach Haiti so more kids can go to school next year.  The theme of the read-a-thon is "Book it to Space."

Teach Haiti is a grassroots organization.  No overhead.  Miquette lives on campus with us and works part time for QCS as the school nurse.  She lives in a tiny apartment and drives a beat up little truck.  The kids benefit 100% from Teach Haiti.  No one else gets the money.  Miquette is hands down the hardest working person I've ever met.  We all tease her and tell her that watching her live her life...pour her whole self into educating Haiti's kids makes us tired.  She is relentless!

If you'd like to sponsor our kids during the read-a-thon, it's easy.  After the readathon is over you can pay through our secure pay pal site and we will give the money directly to Teach Haiti.  For now, you can simply leave a comment in the comment section letting us know the following information:

1. What kid(s) you are sponsoring (Anson is in fifth grade, Hayden in third grade, Ashton in first grade)

2.  If you are giving a flat rate (can be as small as $1 or $5, or you could go nuts and sponsor a child to go to school next year for $350) or if you are sponsoring one of the kids a certain amount of money per 15 minutes read.

Example comments:

I want to sponsor all three boys for a flat rate of $5 each.

I want to sponsor Anson $1 for every 15 minutes he reads.

I want to sponsor Hayden $350 flat rate and send a kid to school next year.

Read-a-thon ends February 25.

The boys  are excited.  They have their stacks of books ready to go.  Is there anything cuter than a boy with a book?


Angie said...

I want to sponsor all 3 boys, for a flat rate of $5 each. Read on boys!!!!! (I love Hank the Cowdog!)

Marla Taviano said...

I love this post with everything in me. Books! Cute boys! Helping kiddos read!

I'll talk it over with Gabe and make my pledge tonight/tomorrow.

CalvinGirl said...

I'll also sponsor all 3 boys, for a flat rate of $5 each.... I used to teach elementary (3rd and 4th grade) and I L-O-V-E-D when my kiddos read... go go go! :)

Tamera said...

My kiddos save up a portion of their allowance each week and then we give as a family to worthy causes. The kids have decided that they want to use their saved up allowance on this cause. Sign us up as follows: Olivia $18.47; Sophia $42.91; Mariah $18.47; Josiah $7.06; Tamera & Dana $263.09. That should add up to $350.

Thanks for the wonderful opportunity!

Sarah D said...

I would like to sponsor each of the boys, and I would like to sponsor them each the daily wage in Haiti ($1) for every 15 minutes they read.

So if Hayden reads 45 minutes today, I'll pay him $3.
If Ashton reads for an hour, I'll pay him $4.
If tomorrow they each read for 15 minutes I owe you $3 etc.

At some point the math might get beyond me. I'll need a grand total of minutes per boy at the end ;)!! So excited...this is a win/win!

Anonymous said...

I would like to sponsor all 3 boys for $10 each. I hope that still encourages them to read a lot. I love the Boxcar Children books. Right now I am reading a chapter a night of "The Unicorn's Wish" to my youngest daughter, who is nine years old. She reads her own books too, but it's nice to read together at bedtime. Still cozy even though she's growing much too fast.

Sue T in Canada (but will pay with American dollars :), I promise)

Anonymous said...

Our family would like to sponsor all three boys for a flat rate of $116.67 (for a total of $350). My 16 yr old daughter recommends The Magic Treehouse series as well as Artemis Fowl. Read on, boys! You guys rock!

When do we need to pay? Can I do Paypal tomorrow?
-Allison Garrett from Kentucky

Bob & Judy said...

Two things we love a WHOLE bunch - grandsons and books!!

So we'll sponsor all 3 for $1 per hour.

Maybe they'll stop before we have to sell a kidney to pay them off.

the momma said...

I'd like to sponsor all 3 of the boys. Can you give me a ballpark idea of how many minutes they might read, so I can figure out how much $$ per 15 min??
this'll be fun!

Our Belizian boy (now 18) was in the 6th grade at 15, when he had to drop out of school to work. He can maybe read at a 4th grade level, but I am so proud of him, because he tries to improve every day.

Hendrick Family said...

The momma...

Yes! That would be great information to possess. Every school night, regardless of whether there is a Book-a-Thon in the works, we force our boys to read 30 minutes every night.

That's all we'll ask them to read, so that's the minimum. But I really have no idea how this book-a-thon will affect them. I see our older son reading a lot for the book-a-thon. He loves to read and probably reads about 1-2 hours a day. The other two tolerate it, so I could see them not reading much more than the allotted 30 minutes per day from mom and dad.

Hope that helps!


Laura said...

Tell your boys thanks for allowing us to help. We would like to sponsor your boys as a group with $350. My daughter wants to know if she can join the read-a-thon! Let us know the best way to pay up at the end.

Hendrick Family said...

Hooray! Thanks everyone!

Yes...I think other kids should read with us this week!

Super fun.


the momma said...

ok ~ let's go with $3 for every 30 minutes for 3 boys. FUN!

I briefly considered letting MY kiddos 'join' the read-a-thon, too - they love to read, they love to give.... it'd be a win win situation. Then I realized they'd be good for nothing to me for the entire week and I'd be flat broke!

I'm excited to see how much they're reading :-)

mandi said...

When I was 8 or so, my dad was trying to get my sister to read more, so he said "any chapter books you guys read and finish, I'll give you $5 a book." That day I read 5 chapter books. My sister read zero. He pretty much regretted THAT deal and called it off at the end of the day.

Dylin and Levi want to sponsor Ashton- $10 flat rate. I love this- it's great! I'm so proud of your boys!

mandi said...

one more thing! i posted about this on my blog and stole your picture of your stack of books. not of your kids- because that's just wrong.

and...once have "push it" in my head. missionaries aren't supposed to get songs like "push it" stuck in people's heads. BTW.

Hendrick Family said...

Thanks Mandi for pu-pushin' the Read-a-Thon. :)

Love you.

Heather, the not-so-much-missionary

The Kramer Family said...

chiming in late to this, but we want to sponsor all 3 boys for a flat out $15 each.

love seeing those cuties reading. precious.

Anonymous said...


we are having a garage sale today and tomorrow and were looking for a place to give the money we make. Once all of our stuff is gone i can give you a dollar amount of what we earned, but im not for positive i know how to do paypal. will you be giving mini-instructions on how to do that? Thanks for letting us be a part of educating haitians!

The Slaughters

Anonymous said...

We will sponsor each (Anson, Hayden and Ashton) for $1 per 15 minutes.

Read on

Love and miss those boys.

G-Paw & GiGi

Sarah said...

Thanks for letting us know about this! We'd like to sponsor all three boys for .50 cents for every 15 minutes they each read.

Happy Reading, guys!

May I ask a few questions? Do the kids who are sponsored through TeacHaiti go to QCS? If no, where do they go? How are children identified and selected for TeacHaiti sponsorship?

Sorry so many questions, I'm just curious to learn more about this ministry. It sounds amazing!

marilyn said...

I want to sponsor all three boys $15 flat rate each. I teach high school science and used to teach first grade. I know the importance of learning to read and loving to read! Read boys Read!

Hendrick Family said...


Don't feel bad for having questions!

When Miquette first started Teach Haiti she would get sponsors for kids who could not afford school and then enroll them in different schools around Haiti.

That was a great idea, and it was working pretty well, but she wanted to have more control over the kind of education the kids were receiving.

So this year she started her own school, hired her own teachers, and oversees the school where the kids attend.

The kids we sponsor for school will not go to QCS. QCS is very, very expensive. Our kids go for free because Aaron works here, but mostly this school is for English speaking kids who are either missionary kids or children of wealthy Haitians. QCS is a US accredited school, so it's mainly for kids who will end up in college in the States because 1. they are Americans or 2. their parents have access to visas for them.

The kids we sponsor through Teach Haiti will go to a more typical, Haitian school, but this one is really top notch since Miquette is in charge.

As far as how she selects the students...I can ask Miquette. I know she makes sure that they are kids who would not normally be able to attend school if it wasn't for Teach Haiti.


Laurie said...

Our family will sponsor enough to send one child to school for a year ($350 total). Glad to be a part of it! :)

Hendrick Family said...

Woo-who!!! The boys are reading right this minute, excited about their new "job" where they get to raise money.

I love it.


Tracy said...

I'm a little late joining in, but I'd like to sponsor each boy $1 for every 15 minutes of reading. I'm glad that they are enjoying their new jobs.

Our daughter was an avid reader, and we spent lots of time checking out stacks of books from the library. If there needed to be punishment when she was growing up, it was always taking away books (not TV or video game time). She ended up an English major because it gave her the opportunity to spend her college life reading books.

I hope the boys read lots of great books this week.

Justin said...

I would love to sponsor your sweet boys for $350. I had the privilege of meeting Miquette last year & she does have an incredible heart. What an awesome idea for your reading contest. Good Luck & May God continue to bless your family.

Hendrick Family said...

Thanks Justin!


Jana said...

We will sponsor each boy for a flat rate of $70 each. This is great!

Carly said...

I would love to sponsor all 3 boys for $15 each!! Go boys!!

Gail said...

I told my son Brendan (age 8) about the picture of your son Hayden reading a Wimpy Kid book, and he very excitedly said he wanted to give some of his allowance money to help. He has $50 to give to sponsor Hayden. Maybe we'll have Brendan do a little read-a-thon of his own (not that he needs incentive to read!).

Kari said...

I know they've already started reading, I hope it's not too late! I would like to sponsor all three boys for a total flat rate of $350. The Boxcar Children are the best!

Zia Anna said...

I've been following your blog for a long time, and the Lord has used it in my life powerfully. Thank you for being so open and honest - Kristy Inman & Cameron Crake are two of my good friends, and always speak glowingly of you. I would love to sponsor your boys for 116.67 each, for a total of $350.

Hendrick Family said...

This is all so crazy exciting.

A big thanks to each of you!

The week is almost over. The boys have been reading, reading, reading.

They can't wait to total everything up.

So grateful for every one of you!

BHG & Co. said...

Hey Hendricks...

The Gernenz clan LOVES reading, too. So, we would be glad to sponsor the boys. We can do $40 flat rate... that's $20 for the heavy reader (props from Noah to Anson) and $10 each for the other two.

Still keeping up with you,
BHG & Co.