Friday, December 24, 2010

Seven Seems Too Big

Seven years old today.

Yesterday you had a fever and were snuggled up with your trusty, plushy Boo-boo.

You said things like, "I know why I have a fever...because I got too close to that fire.  It stuck on me."

But today you are seven...and that seems too old.  too grown.  much too big.

Ashton, you are loved.  Deeply loved.

There has always been this soft, kind-hearted, sensitive way about you.  Easy going.  Flexible.  Go with the flow.  Easily entertained.  Easily comforted.  So very easy.

I love that home is where you love to be...and that your family is your bestest friend.

If I want to make your ever-lovin' day I can simply hand you a cupcake.

Happy Birthday precious one.  You bring steadfast sweetness into this family.

We pray God blesses you this year and reveals Himself to you in fresh ways that only a seven year old can understand.  May you grasp better and better God's great love for you. 


No.  That is intolerably too big.  I'm going to shake my head all year long.


D.O. said...

I shook my head throughout the entire post. Unbelievable.

Ashton, love you to pieces boy!


Bob & Judy said...

Happy, happy day, Ashton. Poppi and I love you SOOOO much.

Seven. Seven is going to be an exciting year for you!

Brock said...

Ashton -- can't wait to see you and give you some big ol' hugs man! Seven years old -- seems like only yesterday that you were still a "tot". Enjoy your birthday right before Jesus'!!!

-Brock, Meg, and Sawyer

Anonymous said...


We LOVE you bunches. See you tomorrow.

G-Pa & GiGi

The Mosiers said...

Happy birthday Ashton! Can't believe you are 7! I miss that little face that used to peak through my back door every evening to see what I was cooking.

Hope your day was wonderful and fever free!

mandi said...

Wait! Do Ashton and I share a bday? That makes me very happy! : )

How are all of you feeling? So sorry that you've all been so sick. Hope to see you soon.

(if you promise not to throw up on me)

mamamargie said...

Happy birthday, little man! God has some big plans for you!