Saturday, December 18, 2010

Gingerbread Girls

We had our church Christmas brunch today. So many people I love in our house.

It was an extra special day because the teen moms were here.  We all go to church together, and they were excited to hear there was a party.

There was this moment during the brunch when I looked around...surrounded by these young mothers and I thought...I tried to think of where they would be today...on this Saturday morning...if they weren't here...with us.  I had to shake my head and admit I could never imagine what their lives would be like or what they would be doing in this very moment if they weren't and sound...their babies playing sweetly on the their mothers listen to the Christmas story surrounded by people who love them.  Oh how we love them. I don't know what they would be doing today if God had not mercifully intervened, but all I knew in that sweet moment was that I'm grateful they are here instead hearing about Immanuel, God with us....God with them.

One of the ladies from church brought all the fantastic fun stuff to make gingerbread houses.  This was a first for our teen moms, and it was one of those times when we all could have sat back in silence and simply watched these young women be swept away into the magic of this messy activity that for them was so immeasurably meaningful. They were creative.  Expressive.  Timid at first...unsure...and then determined to build a house that would stand.

Not gonna lie...there was lots of talk about building a sturdy structure...supporting it well...using the good rebar...things that may not be talked about where most gingerbread house construction is taking place.  But this is Haiti, and you can't hardly build a house (even ones made of crackers and gummy bears) without words like "earthquake" and "re-enforcing walls" being spoken.  One of our ladies was proud of her outside bathroom she constructed on her house.  I'm just guessing...but that's probably only something that happens in gingerbread house parties in a third world country.

my middles got in on the action

Don't you love the look of a boy who is busy building?  

 and then we got a little silly...cause...well...there  was candy and icing...and faces so....


Thank you for helping us love these girls and get their non-gingerbread house ready. 


Ruth said...

This is so great!

Jewel said...

Eee it looks like so much fun...

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

This is my kind of Christmas party!

ps- You look tres, tres pretty. :)


mbs said...

I love it! Especially the silly pictures.....and boy, does your one middle EVER look like his mommy :-)

hopefuloffive said...

How fun to bless these girls with something sweet and fun; they've missed out on so much. Just started reading, love your middles long hair too by the way, our 8yo has long locks too, love it! Love the work you are doing!