Friday, October 22, 2010

Having a Purse Party?

If you are hosting a purse party for Heartline and want to invite others from this online community of friends, feel free to advertise your shindig in the comments section.  Make sure to check the comments and see if there is a party near you, and then go!

Maybe it will be weird to go to a party at a house you've never been to, hosted by someone you don't know.  Maybe...but you know what?  It will make for a great story and a great experience.  Risk it and go!  Either you'll come home with new friends, totally blessed beyond your wildest imagination, or you'll come home with hilarious stories of major awkwardness.  I think both of those things can be equally fun.

One thing you can breathe easy'll already have several things in common with whoever is hosting. Whatever brings you here every day brings the host here as well.  Who knows.  Maybe you'll find your new bestie.  I feel like a matchmaker.  If you do end up becoming best friends, whenever other women are jealous of your friendship and talk about you behind your back, I'm not going to lie...I'll feel a little responsible for all the drama your relationship is causing and will have a really, really hard time not trying to take credit for it. Just sayin'.

Party night rolls around and either you levitate back to your house because it was one of the most wonderful nights of your life, or you come home with some real live pee pee in your panties from laughing so hard about your experience on the way home.  I'd pay 100 bucks for either scenario.  Sounds like one of the best cases of "win-win" I've ever heard.

If you are hosting a party, I wouldn't advertise your exact address.  Maybe just tell people what city and state you live in, date, and time of party then leave your email address so people interested can contact you for more details.

I'm imagining all the laughs, the sweet conversations, and the fun you will have as you learn more about Heartline and support the women and children of Haiti.

Thanks for loving Haiti's women.


New?  Don't know what a purse party is? Feeling left out?  Get caught up here.


Mary Beth said...

I'm having a Purse Party!!! Central Arkansas. Saturday, November 6, 7pm. Contact me through my blog if you want to come:

Laura said...

hmmm... lets try this again. It didn't go through the first time. I am new to your blog. Where can I find out more about these purse parties and the story behind them.
Laura White

Hendrick Family said...

Good question, Laura.

I just edited this post and included a link to more information at the bottom.

Hope that answers your questions!

YAY MARY BETH!! I pray your party is a sweet, sweet, success.


Debbie G said...

A friend and I are co-hosting a party this Sunday from 1-3 in the Waukesha WI area. Contact me at if you are interested. We are hilarious, friendly, and not weird at all!

Shelley said...

Hey, I am the friend of Debbie in the comment above co-hosting in Waukesha. We are super excited about the opportunity to have fun with friends and do something tangible for God at the same time. If you are in our me at and we will give you all the scoop.

Holly Rehmann said...

A Texas-Size Purse Party (we hope!)
When: 11/14/2010 1:30-3:30
Where: Austin, TX

Check out more info here:

Or email me:


Wheeler Family said...

North Houston Area, TEXAS (of course)

Super fun party planned for Friday, Nov 19th, 6:30 PM!!! Tons of fun and free Christmas wrapping. Come shop AND support 3 charities that night including Haitian Creations!!!

Party Gal Extraordinaire, Christina

placidlane said...

Party at my house!!

Friday, November 5th @ 7pm

San Marcos, TX

I would love to have you join us and send you home with a purse and good memories!!


emma said...

I am thinking of hosting one in Australia. Anyone who reads here who would come? :) And do you think Heartline would send a box all that way?

Samantha Childress said...

Purse party December 12 afternoon, Oklahoma City area!!


Holly Rehmann said...


You've created at least one succesful hook up!

My new friend Beth is comin' to my party!! :)


Tasha Via said...

Well, I'm not hosting a purse party, although it sounds like a fun idea;), but I did just run across your blog from one of my friend's blogs and absolutely LOVE your family, your vision, your passions, your ministry...

We can relate to you on so many levels. We are praying about living in Uganda for a while with our family and adopting from the orphanage that I'm working for over there. We are worship leaders for our home church here and travel together leading for conferences and such. Saw that your husband does the same and was instantly intrigued with your family:)

Looking forward to following your days...

Ashley said...

Wow, coming across your blog is such a blessing! My husband and I were engaged in Haiti last year in January on a missions trip. We are now married and going to Haiti again this coming January. We both love Haiti and want to be living there one day. Do yall live there now? I would love to hear more about what yall are doing in Haiti and will be exploring the blog and links!

Hendrick Family said...

Good to "meet" you Tasha..

And Ashley, yes. We moved our crazy family to Haiti in August.

Talk about a life change!


Jennifer Hubley said...

I'm hosting a purse party in Fort Worth, TX on Nov 13th!! I just got my box of purses last week, and you should come because they are super cute! Email me for more info at

Thanks Heather,

Adriana said...

Purse Party @ my house! December 9th 7PM. Piney Woods of Northeast Texas - Gladewater - between Tyler and Longview. :)

Friend me on facebook: www . facebook . com / areagh

Or email me! adrianareagh at yahoo

I like what Debbie said... we're hilarious, friendly and not weird at all!! I'm so honored to be hosting this party. I cannot wait to see the awesome things that God has in store though it!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Just found your blog, and LOVE IT :) You are an inspiration!

kari said...

Anyone hosting one in the College Station area? I would love to go to one if so. Let me know please,

Marla Taviano said...

No purse party here. Yet. But I've showed up at the homes of lots and lots of people I met online, and IT WAS AWESOME.

I just e-mailed you, Heather. Thanks so much for your amazing blog.

Samantha Childress said...

Update: Purse party for OKC area is moved to November 14!! email for info!!

Tamara B said...

love these. we had a purse party last summer and it was fun and had purpose. Love it.

tamara b