Tuesday, September 21, 2010

This is Haiti

A lady tried to give her baby to Aaron outside our gate this morning.

It was heartbreaking for Aaron to witness as the guards translated this woman's story.

A brand new baby.

Beautiful tiny girl.

Dressed in a pretty little dress.

Wrapped in a dirty towel.

This is Haiti.

This is reality.

Please pray for Haiti's babies.

Pray for Haiti's mothers.

These women need jobs, support, and encouragement.

I'm going out to Heartline again today.  After the scene at the gate this morning, I have never been more thankful for the work that Heartline is doing.

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mandi said...

Oh Heather. I just read the previous post as well. You are ripping my guts out here. I can't imagine how Aaron must have felt in that situation. And that poor mama...oh. To feel that kind of desperation and hopelessness.
I have praying much about what orphan care should truly look like. Your words about the church getting hot and dirty. Yes. You are right. So right. ugg. I need to go pray.

Wish I could hug you.