Thursday, September 09, 2010

Lesson Learned The Hard Way

You learn something new in Haiti every day.

Today I learned that I should look up the butt of my chicken before I boil it for an hour on the stove.

As if deboning a chicken is not gross enough...look what was hiding up my chicken's hiney.

I should have known something was up (no pun intended) when I opened the dang thing.

I thought to myself, "Why no wonder this chicken was so includes the feathers."

Who knew it also included the feet, the heart, the spleen, and the ovaries.

I guess we got our money's worth.

It looks like I cooked a little old lady for dinner.

So much in our lives has changed hasn't it?  Sold our dream house.  Moved to Haiti to love the poor, care for the orphan, and cook the elderly.  That's what we do these days.


Anonymous said...

What an adventure!

Megan Fletcher said...

LOVE the part "cook the elderly". oh, what a hoot!

Erin Kay said...

I love it..."and cook the elderly." You are hysterical!

Brandon and April said...

I'm just impressed you know what chicken ovaries look like! :)

Andrea said...

Ok. Have to comment. It's been a while for me but I have been following. This absolutely made me laugh out loud for a long time! Laughing with you, I promise. Having a year under our belt living in Asia, not under the harsh circumstances you have for sure (Singapore is a 1 number country), but I can totally relate to so much of what you are writing about now.

Those are prized parts of a chicken here!! Not in my house, though. I found a "chicken man" that delivers fresh chicken TO MY DOOR and he knows that I don't want all that mess. Bonus for him!!

The adjustments, the tears, the laughter, the adventure.... all classic and all worthwhile. Sad that so many people stay in their comfort zones.

Blessings to you and your precious family on this journey.

Elizabeth said...

sick nasty

Meredith said...

ick!! perhaps chicken ovaries are a delicacy there...who knows, by the end of the year, maybe you'll get adventurous with your eating ;)

Meadth Family said...

Heather you are so funny... and that is so, so, so nasty!!!!! I think I would have barfed in my mouth if I found that in my chicken..

The Kramer Family said...

this is "bust out laughing" hilarity at it's finest.

don't worry, i've done this with a turkey in the good ole USA. and for thanksgiving. and it was in a plastic baggy. a baggy full o' turkey crap.

hope the broth was good!

don't chicken feet look like witches hands?

LD said...

That's just disturbing.

Riahli said...

Ack! You got me giggling, too funny.

One of those things that I'm sure is only funny when you retell it later, I'd imagine it wasn't so funny upon discovery. We use to have to help with the butchering and plucking of our own chickens when I was growing up, it was a nasty job!!

Brettney said...

this is hilarious! I was laughing hysterically... that is, after I read on and found out that these weren't human remains or anything. Kind of gross, but mostly funny!

mandi said...

That's the grossest picture EVER!!!