Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Birthday Biscuits for the Birthday Boy

Birthday biscuits are a tradition in our house.  Anson is 11 today.  Our first birthday to celebrate in Haiti.

From Daddy...

10 years ago we had our first big birthday party for you.
It was a huge ordeal that, of course, you don't remember...
tons of presents...
tons of decorations...
tons of people.

Now 10 years later, this birthday will look much different.

This time we celebrate your birthday in Haiti ...
with very few presents...
no decorations ...
and totally different people.

But today is still just as special.

11 years ago we started out our life as parents.
Your mom and I will both admit that we had no idea how to be parents when you were born.
We made lots of mistakes along the way.

And yet, by the grace of God, you have become an amazing young man.
Your gentle spirit and your love for the Lord are a blessing to us and those around you.
It's an honor to be able to watch you grow and to help shape your life for the Lord.

We love you more than this blog can explain.

Happy Birthday Anson

From Mom...

Don't ever let us try to take credit for the person you have become.  You live with us. You know.  We fail.   Anything good or right that comes from your life belongs to God and only God.

It brings me great joy to watch the story of your life unfold. What a lovely story God is writing through you.  What big plans He has for your life.

I pray this year is full of new experiences, new struggles, new trials, new joys, new ways to know Jesus and His nature better.  New reasons to have to trust God, to come face to face with His faithfulness.

And because I'm your mother, it must be said...I don't know how it's possible, but you manage to get more and more handsome and clever every single year.  I wonder if your next birthday will find you taller than your mom.


Charlie said...

Happy Birthday, Anson! We miss you a lot! I can't believe that you're 11! I was telling Kirby yesterday how grow up you look in that pic from storm post.

I'm thankful for the amazing young man that God has created you to be. It's been awesome to watch you grow into such a great son and big brother.

We love you!


Megan said...

Happy Birthday sweet Anson!! We can't believe you are ELEVEN!!

So excited to see you in just a couple of weeks!!

The Birkenfelds

thoughtsbyryan said...

Happy Birthday Anson! You're a blessing to us and it has been really great for us to see you grow up into a man that fears the Lord. We miss you a lot and hope that you have a lot of fun and enjoy being 11.

Ryan & Sara

Feldman Family said...

Happy birthday Anson!! Tyler wanted me to write something funny & dorky, but I will edit. (mom-power!)

We LOVE you & MISS you TONS!!
We can't wait to see all that the Lord teaches you in the next year!

The Feldmans

ps. Tyler says go have some Haitian Birthday fun.. (unedited)

Bob & Judy said...

Happy Birthday, sweet baby. Yes, "baby." You'll always be our first grandbaby!

Eleven seems really old, darlin'. So much older than 10. I remember my 11 year - it was an odd year. We moved from the only home I had ever known to a new place. I wasn't good at making friends. It was bigger - weirder. And it was just another small town in Texas.

If we hadn't moved, I would never have met Poppi. I probably would never have become a Christian. In the long run, that little move was great, even though it was hard.

Now you, on the other hand, have moved to a new COUNTRY. A new language, a new culture. New everything.

Eleven is going to be the most difficult, wonderful, exciting, stinking year of your life. I cannot imagine all the ways "11" will be different from "10" for you!

By the way, when your daddy was 11, Poppi and I thought seriously about putting him in a barrel and feeding him through a hole.

Hope you don't have that kind of year.

Gosh, we love you, sweet baby.


Jenn's boys! said...

Happy Birthday Anson!!
Heather, I got my purse box in the mail today! What a sweet sweet surprise. Oh to dig through all of those purses was fabulous! I'm sending you the link to my blog. It has my purse party info so you can advertise. Just incase there might be a person from our neck of the woods that reads your blog! Super excited.