Monday, September 13, 2010

Another Introduction

Have I mentioned we are extremely blessed to live on campus with a boat load of precious people?

I'm sure I have.

I have not mentioned that Aaron and I are almost the oldest people living on our sweet little commune.

There's one couple older than us who lives on campus.  I'm not sure how I feel about being runner up in the "oldest" category.

Meet Ben and Katie Kilpatrick (pictured above).  Ben and Katie played a big part in our family up and moving to Haiti.  For that reason, there are days I'm thankful for them, and there are days when I kind of want to shove them on the ground.

I wanted to introduce this couple to you because we love them, and because they have posted some pics of our boys on their blog.

Pics of the little boys and a pic of Aaron leading worship.

There are also pictures of the seniors in my kitchen learning to make homemade pizza.  What a fun group!

Please tell me we all have those days when we pretend we're someone else.

When I have those moments where I escape from reality I imagine I'm either someone who can shake it like Beyonce, a doctor who delivers babies in the tent cities, someone who is tough enough to be on a roller derby league, or I'm someone who is fluent in a different language and uses that skill to constantly save the day.

Kind of sad...but it's true.

Well...see those seniors in that picture up there?

In one moment they will be speaking perfect, smart girl English.  In the next moment they bust into French.  Give them a few more minutes and they will be talking in Creole.  When they do that crap around me I grab their little faces, look them in the eyes and say..."You are the coolest. person. ever."

The seniors are pretty special.  Aaron gets to spend time with them every day.  He adores them.

Check out their mad pizza making skills here.

Oh...and why not check out this incredible video about Ben and Katie?  They were recently featured on Brian Mosley's Blog, President of Blue Fish TV.

I hope their story inspires you to risk, to trust God, and to let Him write a beautiful story with your life!


Clay And Megan said...

Love the pizza pictures and the video. Thanks for sharing your days with us!

Melda said...

I intentionally have only the Hendricks letter on my fridge so I can pray for you guys more often. I will write Ben and Katie on the bottom. I don't know how anyone could watch that video without having tears in their eyes. Also, I pray for you every day when I load the dishwasher. Sounds stupid, but you have one more boy that I do, and I load it AT LEAST twice a day.......sometimes 3 times.

Sidenote: Can you cook crock-pot stuff there? (not sure about electricty and watts and such)
There is a cool blog crockpot365 with know, less pots and pans to wash!

Bob & Judy said...

I don't think it's coincidence that you are always surrounded by terrific people. I think, in fact, that you recognize terrific-ness and you encourage terrific-ness and you create terrific-ness.

Ben and Katie seem just great, as do those beautiful senior girls.

Anthony & Sharon said...

Wow. The pizza pictures blew me away. You looked way in your element (or as I imagine your element to be) and to actually CONTRIBUTE to something like a month after moving there? Pretty sure it was like minimal 6 months before I felt capable in Malaysia. Congrats girl. All glory to our Lord, but way to use what he's given you!

K said...

Thanks for the shout out! We love you back. Sorry that you sometimes want to shove me on the ground. But then again, that puts me in the same category as David Platt and God, so maybe it's ok :) Haha.