Thursday, August 26, 2010


Remember our stuff that was stuck in customs?

It got unstuck today!

Almost kissed me some Haitians!


Anonymous said...

Love, love it! HE got your heart right then gave you your stuff! Praise Him for always re-fining us! Praying your home will feel a little more like "home" now. Love you!

Jennifer Bacak said...


Melda said...

YIP! YIP! Awesome!~ Thank you Lord!~ (gotta say, love and envy with the Chick-fil-a box!!) hee hee!~

Okay, what's our next prayer request now that this one is answered?


mandi said...

whoa! that's a lot of waffle fries! no wonder you were so eager to get your stuff! }}}wink{{{

so happy for you my friend. now get those rugs down!

Anonymous said...

So awesome!!!! It gave me much to think about when I read your post yesterday, as I'm in the middle of getting rid of STUFF in my home.

As you begin to unpack, put stuff away, etc., I would love it if you share anything you wish you had packed or anything you shouldn't have bothered packing.

Love you,


R said...

Welcome "home" to Haiti! :)