Friday, August 06, 2010

Possibly Uninteresting Update that's Definitely Partly Bulleted

This update may not be interesting, but it will be bulleted.  I've never used the bullet option in blogger, so I decided right this second that it's high time.

  1. Aaron is adjusting well to Haiti.  The house is not ready yet so he's staying with other teachers.  It's been great for him to get to know people who have been in Haiti longer than three days.
  2. The house will be ready soon.  I may even get pictures of it tomorrow.  Fun!  Then I'll make a final list of things we may need from Ikea.  I did research.  Ikea is a swell place to shop if you want to feel confident that your purchase wasn't made by children in slavery across the globe.  Doing some research, I found lots of articles about Ikea like this one and this one.  The first time I walked into an Ikea I paused in the lobby.  I had never seen a store so pretty.  After a few moments I wanted to tap dance...out of pure joy I wanted to break into a Broadway number.  Aaron almost wept.  Smartest company ever.  I don't know how they did it, but even with four kids we were able to spend three pleasant hours in that place.  We all ate a great lunch for six bucks.  Ikea will forever be dear to my heart.
  3. Okay wait...I'm not doing the bulleted list thing anymore because I can't put spaces between the numbers.  I need white space. Lots and lots of white space.  It helps me breathe when I write.  These tight fitting words are making me claustrophobic, cutting into my skin, and possibly giving me a yeast infection.
4.  We found out we'll have more electricity than we thought.  We'll pretty much have electricity most of the day...not so much at night.  Only in Haiti does electricity most of the day sound like the best thing ever.  Weird how your standards of "yippy" change when you take an airplane ride that lasts an hour and a half.

5.  Aaron is busy setting up his classroom and morphing into a school teacher.

6.  He went on a tour of Haiti today.  Saw a lot of cool stuff and a lot of sad stuff that made him very aware, once again that God wants us in Haiti and He has a plan for our family and for all of you in this broken, beautiful place.  Haiti will change us.  We're more convinced than ever before.

7.  While on his tour Aaron took zero pictures because I kept the camera here in the US with me.  Couldn't part with it.  Sorry.  I just couldn't.

8.  Aaron emails me long emails because it's hard to talk right now.  I fell in love with Aaron through his writing.  Back in the dark ages when people wrote letters to each other, Aaron would write me tons of notes and letters.  Even now I hang on every word and re-read his long emails several times.   They bring me comfort.  His notes to me don't say that living in Haiti will be easy.  But Aaron tells me about the hope that is in his heart and about how precious the people are that he's getting to know.  Comfort.  Those kind of words bring me comfort.

9.  Have I mentioned that we'll practically be living on a commune?  For real.  We'll live on campus with lots of other teachers.  We'll work together.  Hang out together.  Serve Haiti together.  I will force everyone to be friends and play lots of Settlers of Catan....maybe even a round or two of light as a feather stiff as a board.  Who knows.   I've ALWAYS wanted to live on a commune.  Always.  Laugh if you want.  In the weirdest way ever, this is a total dream come true for me.

10.  We miss Aaron like crazy.  We tried the g-chat/video thing.  Poor substitute.  I want my husband.  My real husband...the 4-D version. I got a little sad and discouraged when I looked at the calendar today.  It seems like forever until we see him.

11.  The kids and I are doing well.  I'm glad I'm not by myself.  Aaron has only had to call and talk to one of the boys for totally pushing the mom buttons.  He seemed like a new child after the phone conversation with his daddy.  That's why I will never equate these two weeks to being a single mom.  This is nothing like being a single mom.  Single moms...the real ones...I love you and you're a bunch of heroes.

12.  I was treated to a two hour massage today.  After it was over I felt like I was in a coma.  I thought for sure someone was going to have to scoop me up off the floor with a shovel.  While she was working on my head the massage lady said, "Did you have a head did you damage your skull in some way?"  In that peaceful, pretty room I did the forbidden...I started laughing hard.   I said, "No.  Not that I know of."  That might be the worst thing to hear when you are getting a massage, even if a brain injury would totally explain so much about my life.  Other than that funny part, the massage was something I'll remember for the rest of my life.  It was so therapeutic and relaxing.

13.  Last one.  I'm tired.  I'm going to sleep.  Ashton has had a bad reaction to his typhoid medication.  He has run fever and had a terrible tummy ache for about a week.  I've been up several times a night with him for the past few nights. He's been sleeping with me.  Last night he was crying in the bed in the middle of the night.  While sobbing he said, "My stomach feels so bad it feels like it died."  Poor thing.  He's done with the medicine.  Finishing the pills and eating lots of yogurt today seemed to keep him out of the bathroom.  We may even sleep though the night tonight.  I'm eager to go to sleep and find out.

Soon Aaron will be writing about the Haiti stuff on the mosaic village website.  He is waiting to write until he gets some pictures.  I won't be the one doing these updates for long, but so many of you have asked about Aaron through email today.  Thanks for loving us.  You now know everything I know.


Kirby said...

I like this bulleted update thing...I want one everyday when you're in Haiti, k? Everyday!

mandi said...

Oh, poor Ashton! That's the worst!

I understand your commune dreams. I have a list of people that I want to live on a commune with. Creepy. Yes, I know.

The Kramer Family said...

love bullets and updates. i agree with kirby. i want one everyday too!

Zoanna said...

I just found your blog through Small Notebook. Love your writing style. As a sister in Christ who loves all things missions and global, let me say how much I admire your courage to make such huge sacrifices in the name of our loving Lord. Blessings to you in your new life adventure in Haiti!