Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Got Patience?

“What is your favorite food?”

The boys got quiet…a rarity. Their eyes pointed towards the ceiling as they thought about their answer.

Chicken n Dumplings

Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo

Mashed Potatoes

They were serious about their list because my Aunt Debbie had just informed them that the night before we left for Houston we would celebrate with a huge feast.

And oh what a feast!

Dear friends

Yummy food

Brownie Sundaes and homemade peach cobbler for dessert

The meal was heavenly.

Our sweet friends helped us finish stuffing our duffel bags.

They weighed them.

Stacked the bags in the living room.

And then we cried, held on tight to each other, and prayed.

I know I might be driving everyone insane with this, but we truly have been given the sweetest friends and family.

I miss them already.

Not having an easy way to be on the internet makes them feel further away, so I’m asking God to give me patience. I know it won’t be like this much longer.

Right now I can only get online long enough to answer pressing emails and post something on the blog or on facebook.

I long for the time when I can not only tell you about my life but catch up on the lives of everyone else.


Have I mentioned it’s not at all one of my strong points?

I have been wondering if the reason God brought us to Haiti is to dispel every missionary myth.

I always think of missionaries as natural beauties who don’t like makeup or care about their hair. I think they are patient, go-with-the-flow kinds of people. I think their hair could catch on fire and they’d simply shrug it off and then go take a cold shower without ever complaining. They are fine with dirt and being dirty. Roaches don’t even make them blink an eye.

Um…that’s not me. Least likely, remember? I’m the least likely pick.

So if this story ends well, then I’ll just go ahead and say it…no one else on earth will have any reason at all, whatsoever, to ever ever think they are not cut out to go to the nations, share the gospel in word and in deed, care for the poor and defend the cause of the orphan. Nope. Sorry. No one will have any excuse.


Another thing I’m naturally not.

I’m a take it into my own hands type of gal.

Haiti is teaching me to wait. Or should I say forcing me? I have no choice but to learn this lesson.

There is so much I need to do right now. The house needs to be organized so that it’s functional. Our stuff is stuck in customs. This house is a mess. Not just dirty. Messy. Like shoes and toys all over the living room messy.

And yet I have no idea how to buy things. I haven’t learned yet.

I barely understood how to work US money, so understanding gourdes (like dude with a g) seems impossible.

Aaron rarely let me have cash in the states because if I panicked at the cash register…like if someone wanted me to do math on the spot…mental math…I was very likely to drop my cash on the counter, no matter how much was in my hand and run away. I’d run off to find a happy spot free of numbers and adding and anything mathy.

Imagine that girl in Haiti with money in my hand that is so weird it’s not even the same size bills. I have a lot to learn before “shopping without Aaron” makes it onto my daily to do list.

But so help me…I’m going to learn it. For real. I’m going to get it.


The theme of this move has been to know and recognize the goodness of God.

He is good. I asked my friends to pray that for me as we left and as we try to adjust.

Pray that I remember that God is good. He wants good things for His children. He did not move us to Haiti to torture us or to be mean to us. This move is not supposed to be one gigantic wedgie from God.

He moved us here because He is good and everything that happens to us is for our good and for His glory.

Every hard lesson we learn are lessons we need to learn to know and understand God better.

Some moments in every day since I’ve been here I could have sworn God hated me.

Thankfully the thing God whispers in my ear as I’m falling asleep at night..the lullaby He sings over me are words about His goodness.

Every trial is good. Every hardship makes me know Jesus better.

I’ve never had to cling to those words like I have the past few days.

He is good.

I’ve known His goodness demonstrated through the love of family and friends. I knew His goodness in the United States. I am asking God to show me His goodness in Haiti. I know His goodness reaches to this island.


Thankfully God’s supply is never ending.


The Farmers said...

Thank you for sharing. Thank you for reminding me how good God truly is. We continue to pray for your family and look forward to hearing about your life and Haiti through this blog.

Kim said...


Jon & Sally said...

What a special gift that your boys' favorite meals are all truly can make them in Haiti VERY easily!
I have an especially good recipe for homemade Alfredo sauce, let me know if you'd like it. :0)
Reading these posts has brought back so many vivid emotions from our first year in Tunisia. Ugh. My stomach turns just thinking about it! The not knowing how to buy things, the feeling so desperately incapable, the not having a clue how to fix a meal for my family, the dirt, oh the dirt! Oh and who can forget the crying while I brush my teeth, while cleaning the floor, while making get the point.
Work on organizing & conquering a FEW tasks that will make your life feel stable, not normal, but stable. If that's a clean house, making dinner, shopping for groceries, having sweet friends you can share a meal & play games with. Just pick one or two things that you can do well, that will significantly improve your daily routine. And be thankful. :0)
My heart breaks with regret, remembering how I slowly let resentment seep in and suffocate me...resentment toward all things Tunisia, mostly bc life was just so dadgum inconvenient and difficult and dirty.
I'm praying for you as you fight for joy, as you learn, as you build a home, as you let the Lord establish you. Those things that you're feeling, God IS using to sanctify you. Just hang on. and Fight. The evil one IS trying to destroy you.
Thanks for letting us watch & cheer you on from the bleachers. :0)
Bless you sweet sister!
Sally Estes

Jennifer Bacak said...

Praying for patience. And the stuff in customs. Love you!

Ryan Price said...

Praying that God would just quit giving wedgies in general... We love y'all and already miss you too much.

Brock said...

When I first saw this post, I thought you guys had upgraded the countertops in your villa!!

Now talk about a lot of gourde!