Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Photos - Farewells to Family and Fajitas

After our feast we headed to bed way too late.

Got up early the next Morning.

Said good-bye to Laney Rae, Ruthie, and their oh-so-helpful grandmother.  We call her Old Lady Sandy…cause we’re nice like that.

Jason, Lynsey, and KK joined us at my dad’s in Houston for the night.

Thursday was filled with last minute shopping at Ikea for important things like light blocking/noise blocking curtains for our new bedrooms.

Mornings in Haiti are like an excited child on Christmas Morning.  At 5:30 a.m. the new day is jumping on your bed chanting, "Get Up!  Get Up!  Get Up!"  Like a wound up child ready to open presents there is no ignoring the morning in Haiti.

When we visited the country in May there were a few nonnegotiables for me as we were making our decision to come to the island.  I could not imagine my life without Hudson taking solid naps.  I'll tell ya straight up...I'm not nearly sanctified enough to deal with a cranky, tired two year old every day.

Curtains were a nonnegotiable.

After securing the curtains and my sanity in Haiti, we were off to eat our favorite meal before saying good-bye to America….Mexican food from Chuys.

My brother asked for a bowl of the jalapeƱo sauce.  A big bowl.  We wanted to swim in it.

We totally gorged ourselves.  If I wasn’t leaving for Haiti the next morning our display of gluttony would have been totally disgusting.

Under the circumstances, it seemed less like gorging and more like carbing up before a big race.

My sweet dad…

He filled our bellies with fajitas on Thursday night and then took us to the airport early the next morning. 

Our dad was a hero at the airport.   Normally when we fly, I hang on tight to Aaron while navigating airports.

There are way too many people to study and conversations on which to eavesdrop.  The airport is another one of those places where I want to sit down on the floor up against a wall somewhere and watch people for hours.  Although we’ve flown a lot, Aaron is always with me.  I stare at people.  Aaron does all the important airport stuff.  When we walked into the airport this time I realized that I don’t really know how to work the airport without Aaron. Thankfully my dad flies all the time and totally knew what to do.   We would have been lost without him.  Thanks again, Dad!

More pics from the flight next week.

I’m cheering inside that this here blog is almost caught up to the point where I can start posting more about Haiti.  I have so many pictures and stories of our new life here.


Susan, wife of 1, mother of 4 said...

I love it, sweet Heather! You are handling this SO WELL! You are writing about it MUCH better than me! You look totally cute and with it in your pictures - joy in your eyes, even though it must have been so hard. I'm completely with you on the naps. That is a non-negotiable!!! I can't wait to hear more about your time in Haiti. I keep praying for you.

By the way, it was so funny that you said you cling to Aaron in the airport. I am the same with Paul. He is WAY ahead of me - so much so that if I have to travel on my own, I feel lost!

My prayers are with you. You are AWESOME. So glad you can spread some of that awesomeness to the Haitians.

Bob & Judy said...

Glad to hear that you have internet. Girl, you NEED internet. And we need you to have it!

Also, love the t-shirt that says "Conserve your fart."

I know it says "earth," but I really wish I could wear a shirt that says "Conserve your fart."

Jon & Sally said...

Jon was just looking over my shoulder trying to read your shirt in that last pic with your dad...

"Conserve your FART???" he asked.

Now that would the earth some good. :0)


aterilli said...

Great pictures...can't wait to see more and hear more. I thought the shirt said "conserve your farth" I wasn't sure what a "farth" was, but loved your green shirt with the pink and white striped skirt. You are so fashionable!!!

Karen said...

Alls I know is you have the best t-shirt in the whole world. And you are a MISSIONARY!!!! Farts and missionary all in one package - you are beautiful. :) -Karen

Hendrick Family said...

Oh you people are funny.

My shirt says Conserve Your Earth.

My sons would think I was the coolest if I wore a shirt that said, Conserve Your Farts. In this house...I should.


Karen said...

Well now...I can't argue with Conserve Your Faith...but I still think a t-shirt with the word Fart should be in every missionary's wardrobe. Or suitcase if you still haven't unpacked. :) -Karen

The Kramer Family said...

Laughing hard. "Conserve your fart." Totally awesome.

I need a Chuy's redo since I was only able to get down 1/2 of a fajita....but it was an amazing 3 bites!

Remembering this sweet day and time with you guys. Love you so much!