Monday, August 09, 2010

Aaron's Update

Aaron updated the Mosaic Village blog yesterday.

I had no idea until now.

Somehow I failed to subscribe to my own husband's blog.  How rockin' awesome of me.

I have lots to write about, and I'll try to find time tonight.

For now, I just miss Aaron.  I have plenty of help.  I'm in no way overwhelmed.  My family is a treasure.  They have helped so much.  The boys have been wonderful (what saint is praying?).  I've gotten lots accomplished and had very little stress doing so.

I just miss Aaron...the friend, my husband, the daddy.  I miss him.

I miss him coming home every evening.  I miss seeing him in the mornings.  I miss having him in the house.  Mostly...I miss him in my bed at night.  It's very strange how 14 years of sleeping next to someone makes you ache for them in your sleep.  I wake up in the middle of the night and reach for him.  I wonder how often I do this when he's there.  Maybe often because I notice it now that he's not there.  Maybe when he's there I don't even wake up once I find him.  With him being gone, I wake up several times a night because my hands can't find his skin.


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Melda said... you. This emotion, I really, really know.