Monday, July 26, 2010

Two for Two - Magnets and Sending Service

It seems two things must happen for a family to officially become missionaries.

1.  Your family photo is magnetized, and you find yourself plastered to refrigerators around the US (next to Pizza Hut coupons).  Check.  Hendricks are hanging on fridges.

2.  Your church has a sending service.  In church language that means people tell you good-bye and pray over you.

New Life, the church we attend is kindly hosting a sending service for our family.  If you'd like to say good-bye to us (and hear Aaron lead worship one last time), we'd love to have you join us.

You are welcome to attend the entire service this Sunday night, August 1.  It starts at 5 p.m.  However, kids 4 and older sit in the service, and I know that's stressful for a lot of people. If having your child in the service automatically makes you sweaty, the actual sending/prayer part of the service will be during the fellowship meal after church.  Feel free to come to New Life at around 6:30 or 6:45.  Have some dessert.  At that time, I think Aaron will share a little about what we'll be doing in Haiti.  People will pray.  We'll say good-bye to College Station.

It will be difficult to say our farewells.  We have been blessed to live in College Station for 13 years.  Our kids have been raised in College Station.  They have lived at the swimming pool in the summers and at the library during the school year.  We will miss the familiarity.  We will miss knowing a town so intimately that you can never ever get lost.  We'll miss the people who work at our favorite places.  We'll also miss so many of you.  We're grateful for this time to hang out one last time.

In so many ways, it's emotional to come to grips with the fact that we have no idea what our lives will look like in the coming years.  Will we stay in Haiti?  If not, where will we live when we come home?

I think Sunday night will be emotional as well.  In some ways because we're saying good-bye to our friends.  But I have great peace about those friendships continuing.  They are too real, too deep and forever.  It will be different, but we're thankful to have relationships with people that are easy and natural.  Their lives and their stories are intertwined with our own.  We won't really be saying good-bye.

I think the hardest part of Sunday will be hearing Aaron lead worship for the last time in College Station. Warning:  I am unashamedly a huge fan of my husband...on a personal level and as someone who He has led in worship for a long time.  This post may induce nausea for some.  Apologies in advance.

When we were first talking about going to Haiti...when it was just a thought...nothing real...I told Aaron the part I could not imagine was him letting go of leading worship.  "It makes no sense.  You are crazy gifted at this, Aaron.  Why would you even think about giving this up?"  He's confident he won't.  I'm a little more nervous.

I don't know if all wives who are married to worship leaders feel this, but I think my husband is incredibly gifted.  Under his leadership, I worship so freely.  He leads in a way that is pure and free of distraction.  He is truly a gifted musician and a godly man.  I think this makes for beautiful leadership in worship.  It comes so natural for him that I hardly think about it or truly appreciate this gift until I'm somewhere and Aaron isn't leading.  As the wife of a worship leader, I'm a really tough cookie to please when it comes to a worship service.  I have to confess my critical heart all the time to the Lord when we're in a place where Aaron isn't leading.  I have been known to want to ram my head into a wall during a rough worship set under the leadership of unknown worship leaders, especially if worship doesn't seem to be about Jesus, but instead about them.

To be totally honest, it is very difficult for me to worship when someone else is leading.  Even if the worship leader is great.  The truth is...I'm used to Aaron.  That's what sitting under his leadership for 12 years feels like.  The times when we're somewhere and he's not leading worship I struggle.  If the worship leader is the least bit weird, says creepy stuff or tries to be a rock star instead of a worship leader, I turn into an eye roller in the middle of service.  With Aaron things run smoothly, and I think the smoothness, humility, and leadership help the people in church feel comfortable, relaxed, focused, and ready to hear from God and respond in genuine worship.

All that to say, this is another area where I am having to totally trust the Lord (and I'm flunking at it, what's new?).  I have cried out to God many times, begging Him to continue to use this gift Aaron has wherever God takes us.  I'm praying Aaron would be able to use his gift and be in a place where he feels free to use his gift of music and teaching.  It's strange to be excited for him to have that opportunity again, but then overcome with fear that we're leaving this gift here in the US instead of taking it with us.

Hearing him lead Sunday will be a bittersweet moment.  It will be a celebration of the way God gifts people and uses every member of the body for His glory and for His purposes.  I'm asking God to fill my heart with hope instead of despair.  Hope for what God will bring in Haiti.  Hope for the ways that God will use Aaron's gift of music and even his other gifts more fully.  Hope for the ways Aaron's gifts will grow as Haiti teaches a multitude of new things.  I pray we are humble, eager learners.  In that way, I get so excited about what the future holds for our family.  And who knows?  Maybe there are new gifts Aaron will use that we don't even know about right now. See?  Hope.  I'm asking God to fill my heart with hope instead of sadness.  I want to trust that this next place will be a place of sweet freedom, where Aaron will be allowed and given opportunities to serve the Lord in the way He has been gifted.

I know that so many of you have been blessed by Aaron's leadership in worship.  Like I said, we'd like to invite you to one last worship service.  We'd love to see so many of you before we leave.  So come hang out this Sunday night, okay?


The Hargrove Family said...

As I read this I just can't help to cry! We are so excited for the new season God is bringing in the Hendrick's lives but so sad to see you guys go! I so wish we could drive down this weekend so see you guys one more time before you leave and hear Aaron lead. Aaron's worship has blessed us in crazy ways (Aaron was unofficially the match maker of the Hargroves!) I have so many memories of singing with you guys and watching you two and Josh make fools of yourselves in LHBC skits! These will be so special to me forever! We love you guys so much and even though we can't be there this Sunday please know we are PRAYING! Please come back and visit soon! Dang it, more tears!! love you.

The Hargrove Family said...

p.s.-we need a magnet.

Hendrick Family said...

Oh...that made me cry. Dang.

Kelly, my prayer many times has been that we would sing with Kelly Hargrove at least one more time this side of heaven. When we get to heaven, I'm standing next to you every time music is playing!

And yes...the magnet is on the way. I got your address after the first batch left the house, so the next batch is just about ready.

Love you guys!


The Hargrove Family said...

You are so sweet...I can't wait for that day when we get to sing together again too, so fun. Will be watching for the magnet, yea! Oh and did you guys ever get the fund set up where people can donate by your aunt. Just let us know!

Melissa Terry said...

I already know the ugly cry is coming...

Sitting under Aaron's leadership during worship began during our 15 months that we were here in the wilderness and we would visit LH. Every time it would be an oasis. Then, when we joined NL I bawled like a baby for the first month or two. After worship I would see Aaron with bloodshot eyes and tear-washed cheeks and all that would come out is, "worship was so good." Most of the time he would just look at me like a crazy lady. Its okay, its true.

Thank you for all that you both have sacrificed and poured out to bring God some serious glory in College Station.

Megan said...

Even though I KNOW this is not good bye.. like for sure not good bye... I still got that queezy feeling and teary eyed when the e-mail got sent out this morning about the service. It is real.. y'all are leaving, and soon. I can no longer just imagine us serving together and fast forward through the months y'all will be gone. Those months are staring me in the face. Stink.

the herzogs said...

heather, just wanted to say thanks to both of y'all for impacting our lives, our marriage, and therefore, our kiddos. we were blessed to be taught by y'all and under aaron's leadership during worship at LH! when we left college station, i had an awful attitude about finding a new church - i would cry on the way to trying a new church! and so often i still feel like worship times are lacking because of the kind of worship times we had with aaron leading. honest, totally about God, real, sweet, passionate, convicting...just totally perfect. :-)

Susan said...

4 years ago, my husband and I left our home, our friends, and our church to pursue a dream. It was the best and the hardest time in my life. 3 years later, God opened up new and exciting doors for our family. Doors I did not expect to be open for me.

As you step out into a new chapter, the Lord will blow you away, surprise you, and sing His love song over you.

Enjoy the ride and keep writing....because it is fantastic :)

emily said...

Hi Heather! and Hendricks :)

I sent you an email but not sure if it was the right email address, I think I have several on file for you!

If you didn't get it, please let me know!

Also, I would LOVE a magnet to have and put on my fridge as a great reminder to pray.

[327 16th ST NE Washington, DC 20002]

I wish DC wasn't so far from TX, I would love to be there this Sunday night.

Many many blessings to all of you!

with great love,

Anonymous said...

We want a magnet too!!!!! Jana

Hendrick Family said...

Yes Jana! We will send you one!


D.O. said...

I'd be there in a heartbeat if I weren't 2,500 miles away.

In the midst of my insanely emotional move this past month, I came across my (too) old photo of your kiddos from Valentine's day 2000-something. I decided it was high time that I was sent a new photo of your kids/family. This magnet will do, I suppose. Feel free to send more.

As to Aaron's worship leading, I'll simply say I've probably learned more about leading worship from him than any other single person.

Finally, if the sing-with-Kelly time happens, I'd like to be a part of it... BTLOG Haiti??

Love y'all. Praying for y'all. Love y'all some more.

Megan Fletcher said...

I would like a magnet, please. :-)

Rest in God's wisdom. I know you already know that. But, when we left ministry in PA to follow God's leading to TX to serve on staff here, we had to leave some of those things we loved doing behind. We continually lay them on the altar and trust that God knows what He's doing. Just recently there has been some discussion and there is a slight possibility one of my desires has a place to be used. it's only a maybe, but it's exciting to see. And, even if it doesn't work out, I know we're right where God wants us and there is joy even in the sacrifice.

You are in our prayers!