Thursday, July 29, 2010

They Did It

My brother and Aaron have always been the greatest of friends.  It's a sweet part of our history and a blessing in my life.

These two normally mild-mannered men started talking tattoos at the beginning of the summer.  Lynsey and I just laughed it off.  I think people would expect Lynsey and I to get tattoos before they would ever think Jason and Aaron would get them.

To our surprise, the talk never ceased.  They were serious about wanting a tattoo and going together to get one.

Last night all their talk turned into something tangible.

For the last couple months when they have talked about doing this, I have reminded Aaron that tattoos are forever.  In the most dramatic way possible I would stress the seriousness of this decision.  This is why I could never ever in a million years get a tattoo.  There are lots of things I super excited today that I won't care one thing about in a few weeks.  That's who I am.  Tattoos would be terrible for someone like me. 

Aaron said the tattoo he wanted would have meaning to him forever.  I can't even fathom being someone like my husband (or my brother).

Jason got a tattoo of a scripture on his chest.

Aaron got a tattoo of the word, "mosaic" on his wrist.

Jason figured a tattoo of scripture is the best idea for a tattoo.  I mean really, the God of this universe guarantees that the Word of God will never go away.  God Himself declared scripture fad-free. It's not like parachute pants.  God's Word will always be, and it will always be tattooed on Jason's chest.

Aaron went with "mosaic".  Being ever the encourager I said..."Honey...what if this whole Mosaic Village thing flops?  Then you're stuck with a reminder that we suck on your arm."  I know.  I know.  You all wish you could be nice wives like me.

Aaron said he chose the word mosaic for our vision for Haiti because of his love for the church.  Ever since I've known Aaron Hendrick I have known him to be a man who loves the church.  He has served God's people humbly, passionately, and faithfully ever since I've known him.  He believes in the church.  He believes God wants to use a group of broken people to do beautiful things for God's glory.  Many, many times I have been quick to get frustrated with the church.  I've wanted to run.  I've wanted to bolt.  Many, many times Aaron has had to patiently lead me through learning to stay put.  Learning to pray.  Learning to sit back.  Learning to be patient for God to provide an opportunity for change.

Once Aaron explained to me why this word means so much to him, I was all for the idea.  He sold me.

Mosaic...lots of broken pieces making up something big and useful to God.  What was meant for the trash heap, being re-purposed...given new life.  Mosaic.  It's lovely.

He chose his wrist because He said he wanted it in a place where he could see it.  Especially when we're in Haiti.  Mosaic is a visual reminder to him that we're simply one piece...a part of what God wants to do in this world.  God has never asked our family to move to Haiti and find a solution to all of Haiti's problems (you have no idea how funny that is).  He hasn't asked us to try and help Haiti in a way that's all about us or what we're doing.  Lots of incredible people are already in Haiti and lots of agencies are already bringing the gospel to Haiti in word and in deed.  Not to mention all the beautiful pieces of this mosaic who are in Haiti because they are Haitian.  We're just a piece...and we pray God uses us as we humbly go to this new place and serve alongside other missionaries, other organizations and most importantly, the Haitian people.

He also chose his wrist because if he wants to cover the tattoo up it's easy to do with a watch.  I had to smile.  Now that's my husband.  He couldn't go totally wild.  No way.

I really like the tattoo more than I thought I would.  It's sexy.


C-Dub said...

Ah Poking You....the place Christians go to get tattoos. Love it.

Hendrick Family said...

Ha! I think he went because they had an opening. That's about as far in the reasoning he went I think.


C-Dub said...

I got one there two years ago, and I think every (A&M/CS) Christian I know that has at least one tattoo got at least one there. But yes, it helps when they have availability. And they're pretty clean too.

The Goods said...

what was the scripture his brother got?

Kirby said...

Way to go, Aaron! This is way better than those gangsta letta's...luckily you have such honest (and sometimes crushing) friends and family!

Megan Fletcher said...

love the lettering. nice and simple. and i absolutely love the fact that he was thinking about covering it up with a watch. ha! i'm with The Goods, what verse did Jason get? will he allow you to share with your blog friends?

The Hargrove Family said...

Love it, Aaron!

Bob & Judy said...

Sure do love my Aaron.

Kercho said...

i got three tattoos there...i like that place!

Hendrick Family said...

I should have said what scripture...I was in such a hurry today.

1 Peter 2:4-5

He only got the scripture reference, not the passage tattooed on his chest.

And oh my word, these guys are already talking about their "next tattoo". I've heard you can't get just one. I'm kind of hoping they can beat the odds and live with one tattoo. We'll see!


Noelle Gonzalez said...

If the mosaic village thing does flop, which I doubt it will. Then that tattoo can be a reminder that God will still use that broken piece in His ultimate mosaic. :)

mandi said...

aww man! i tell you what- you leave for a week, and sorts of crazy things happen!