Thursday, July 15, 2010

Oh Mylanta

I was going to write more about fair trade today.  Such an exciting topic to talk about.

But we had an unexpected thing happen in these parts today, which is not out of the ordinary when there are 7 kids living on one property.  Proof:  Yesterday Hayden said Hudson had a huge booger in his nose.  Come to find out, that booger was a lego.  Awesome.  Got the tweezers and pulled that bad boy out.  When I did, Hudson saw the toy that came out of his nose, got all excited and said, "Lego!"  Then he started saying and signing, "More...More...More..."  He thought I was magic and could make legos appear from his nostrils.

Today my sweet aunt was treating us to an unexpected, impromptu out-to-eat lunch date.  Aren't those the most fun?  Right as we were walking into the restaurant one of my nieces threw up in the foyer.  In that moment we were all thankful we have been living on a farm.  It might not have been nice, but we quickly herded all 7 excited children to the car and never looked back.  I've never felt more sorry for Lynsey.  But it's over and we've had some good laughs about it.  Isn't life with kids a never ending circus?

Yesterday Hayden was running 104 fever.

The day before that another niece was puking and so was Lynsey.

We thought we were out of the woods today.  No fevers.  No vomit.

Is it just me, or does everyone all of a sudden feel like they have a stomach bug whenever another person in the house gets it?  I've been lying here thinking any minute I'm going to run to the toilet even though I don't even feel bad.  It's like getting itchy when someone across town mentions they have lice...or when you read about someone having lice in a book. Weird.

Poor Lynsey.  I'm convinced there is no other sickness worse than a stomach virus.  People seem to be dropping like flies over here.

You become very aware of how many people live in your home when a stomach virus makes its debut.  Hopefully our kids haven't been licking each other (although, I suspect they have been). time to write about fair trade today.  I'm too busy doing vomit drills with the kids that are still standing.  I keep asking, "Does anyone feel anything weird going on in their tummy?"  Then, like an airline attendant, I give my little sch-peel about what to do when you feel like you're going to throw up.  It's getting on their nerves, I can tell...but too bad.  That's what they get since my kids love to throw up in all the wrong in their beds.  Let's all gag.  I've warned them..."If you pull that whole, throw up in your bed routine again...I'm having you arrested."


The Kramer Family said...

It sure has been a doozie around here, huh? Glad to endure it together. I should have done drills with mine when Ruthie started puking. That way I wouldn't have a GIANT puke stain on the carpet in the schoolroom.

The Kramer Family said...

oh and if this day is anything like what it will be like when you all leave, just shoot me now.

KK is seriously going nutty without being able to see her cousins since we are in quarantine. She is a crazy person I tell ya!

Hendrick Family said...

Ha! Yes...let's make a video once the kids are well. You can do the hand motions (because your arms are lovely and your hands are pretty) and I'll read the script (cause...well...that's the only job left.)

Carpet is like a magnet for throw up. Your whole house could be hardwood floors and the kids would throw up on the bath mats. True story.


Anonymous said...

AAAAAAAA!!!!! I can SOOOOOOOOOO relate to this post!!!! One of the reasons I love our two-story house is that I can quarantine sick ones to my room upstairs, which has a bathroom and a t.v. They aren't allowed any visitors but me! The last thing I need/want is a house full of people throwing up!!!

I loved the post you did long ago about how to keep kids hydrated when they're dealing with a stomach bug. You said that you take a little medicine cup of orange juice to them every 30 min to an hour. They drink it like medicine, to keep them hydrated. I have used that over and over.

Remember my car incident? I now have an awesome trash container for the van that is also waterproof, so twice so far I have given that to people who felt nauseous while I was driving. I give specific instructions to throw up in that trash container only! :) It helps to have a brother-in-law who's a corporate "suit" in The Container Store. I can find way cool products like that. At a discount. :)

As soon as I saw your clip art for this post I said, "Uh oh." I knew that universal sign for "we have a stomach bug."

Hope you're all better very soon!

Love you,


Tenaya said...

I started scratching my head as I was reading about lice. You guys crack me up. Loved the Lego booger.