Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Arm Pits - An Update

Just what everyone has been waiting for, right?  I know.  I'm sure you're all achy from being on the edge of your seat for so long.

Way back in January when my life was the normal sort of weird I wrote about switching deodorants.

The full version of the story can be found here.

Here's the short version:  Lynsey and Kirby both thoroughly freaked me out about antiperspirants potentially causing breast cancer and Alzheimer.  So I made the switch.  Not because I was really ready.  Let's face it.  I would have kept procrastinating on this like everything else.   Thankfully, when we were all hanging out during Christmas Lynsey put a bottle of her underarm hippy juice in my hands and told me to try it.  That's what I love about her.

It was January.  I think any deodorant would work great in January since it's not hot.  So I told everyone I'd update them after I had used my new, noncancerous deodorant during the summer.

I live in Texas.  I'm pretty sure that Texas summers are equivalent to what the foyer of hell will feel like.  It's hot.  It's insanely humid.

In addition, I can be pretty sweaty.  Plain and simple.  I like to think I sweat so easily and so much because I'm healthy and drink a ton of water every day.  That may not be why I sweat so much, but no one tell me. I like feeling good about myself in this one area.  I may be "massively" behind on shots for my kids and a total slacker in the scrapbook department, but by golly I do drink more than the recommended amount of water per day.  I hold onto that in moments when my child has to go into the store in only a diaper because even after four kids I can't remember to bring a change of clothes with me for my baby.  Sheesh!  Pushing a diaper-only baby through the store, feeling like white trash, I always remind myself of my daily water intake.  Perks me right up.

All that to say...

I am a sweater.  Not the kind you buy from Gap.  A sweater as in the kind that sweats like a man.  After running, I can walk through a flowerbed and water it for the day.

My verdict on this deodorant?

Love it.  Will never use anything else.  Here's why:

People warned me that when I stopped using antiperspirant and started using this new stuff that it would take awhile for my body to regulate.  I might be more sweaty and have to use more at first.  People were right.  I did sweat more at first...and it was January.  So if you jump on the free and clear underarm movement this summer, be prepared to sweat a little more in the beginning.  It wasn't as bad as I was expecting, and it was also kind of nice because here's the second reason I love this stuff so much...

It smells great.  At first I used the deodorant more as my body was adjusting.  I loved putting it on.  I smelled lovely.  After I put deodorant on my kids say, "Mom, you smell so good."  They are right.  I do.  So I didn't mind using more because it gave me a chance to smell yummy and fresh.

Note:  I never was stinky.  Just more sweaty.  Since making the switch I have never felt like I had body odor. I live in a house with five males.  If I had it they would tell me in the least tactful way.  

I love this product because it's all natural, and I don't have to think about the what ifs anymore.  "What if this causes cancer?  What if this causes Alzheimer?"  There is no aluminum in this product.  The ingredients are simple and all natural.

But my FAVORITE reason to love this product...

It's cheap.  I'll admit.  If you decide to live a healthier, more natural, chemical free life (as far as it depends on you) most of the time it will cost you a little more.  Especially as you first get started.  I can't believe how cheap this deodorant is.

Lynsey gave me a new bottle during the Christmas break.  I did not need a new bottle of deodorant until I moved out here to the farm in June.  One bottle lasted me FIVE MONTHS.  Five months!  And did I mention I was applying it a lot in the beginning?  Like several times a day.  Mostly because I liked the smell.  I did not need it that often.

In my opinion...if you want to change just one thing for now, this is the thing to change.  If you are desiring to live in a healthier, toxin-free way this would be a no-brainer purchase to make.

Now that it's summer in Texas, I usually only apply one time...maybe twice if I change my shirt or do something extra hot and sweaty.

You can buy this deodorant from Vitacost for $2.83 or from HEB (I don't know what the price is there).  I love the aloe and almond fragrance.

Aaron has yet to make the switch even though I've had a bottle of this deodorant sitting next to his sink for two months.  I might start rolling it on him in his sleep and throw his other cancer in a container away.  However, my brother (who wants to live a long life free of diseases) uses it and it works great for him.

For more info about cosmetics and what's in them take a few minutes and watch the newest video from the people who brought us The Story of Stuff.  I never feel guilty being on the computer watching these informational videos because my kids watch them with me.  They are partly animated and keep their attention the whole time.  I've been eagerly awaiting this new video and found out it was available when a friend posted it online.  Thanks Katie!


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Landreneau Family said...

Thanks so much!!! I'd forgotten you'd written about this earlier. I've been in the market.

Also, do you or Lynsey have any recommendations for make-up? I switched to Bare Minerals four years ago, and I just looked it up on the database, and I was HORRIFIED at the terrible ratings.

What about shampoo products?

Sorry for all the questions!

We've been praying for y'all!!!

Hendrick Family said...


I'm going to ask Lynsey to write a post about the products she uses. She has been a huge resource for me, and I love that she uses something first so it saves me the hassle! Hopefully she can save everyone else the hassle too.


UW said...

I ain't scared of cancer......it'll only kill you. If I die I will not have pit stains.

Susan, wife of 1, mother of 4 said...

Great post, Heather! Get your kids the shots they need, especially before you leave the U.S.! Thanks for the info. You are so great!

Ann said...

Hi Heather - I am not sure why I felt the urge to comment for the first time on your "arm pit" post after reading your blog since the Lime Ricki giveaway post...but I do. Thanks for the recommendation on deoderant. I am going to give it a try, but probably in January like you suggest as I am an Austin girl (former College Station girl), so I understand the foyer of hell we live in!

On another note, I want to tell you that you blog has been a true inspiration to me and the way I look at life. You have an amazing family and I am totally in awe of the move your family is making. Your family is in my prayers and I wish you guys the best in your journey.

Ann in Austin

Hendrick Family said...

Good to meet you Ann! Thanks for introducing yourself. Your sweet words blessed me.


mandi said...

Well shoot- I must be extra stinky, because this one doesn't really work for me. I like the aubrey organics, but it is more expensive. Maybe I'll try the almond scent and have more luck there.
I've had pretty good luck with a mix of coconut oil, corn starch and baking soda. That works really well, but it's pretty messy.
I have LOVED my ACV and lavender mix this summer. I think it works great and it is super refreshing. And yes, I may smell a tad vinegary, but at least I don't smell like fritos.

This is for Aimee-
make-up: 2 companies I've had good luck with are honeybee and beauty without cruelty.
Shampoo: aubrey organics makes the purest product you can find. and it shows in their price! if you want less pure, i like the beauty without cruelty line. stay away from jason's or kiss my face- they like to pretend that they are pure and natural, but they have done more to hurt the organic industry than help it. and they have shady business practices.