Monday, July 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Hudson

Beautiful boy, I can't believe that you are two.

Every day you astound us with your cuteness.

You are incredibly sweet.  Undeniably strong willed.  Athletic.  Smart.  Fast.  Strong.  Brave.

That combination gets you into an awful lot of trouble because any terrible thing you think to do you can actually physically accomplish it.

It's laughable when we think of how different the house becomes the moment after your bedtime.

You are so loved, little one.  We're incredibly grateful for you and all the millions of things you teach us every day.


Oh how this child loves "cake."  Anything sweet is labeled "cake."

I saw these cupcakes-in-a-jar on Kaylene's blog.  Thought they were adorable, and could immediately imagine Hudson's cute little hands digging out his cupcake from a mason jar.  We have no shortage of jelly jars around here, so that sealed the deal.

I modified this recipe a little.  Instead of red food coloring, I added more cocoa so the cake was brown instead of red.

I also added chocolate chips in the center and on top.  HEB carries fair trade chocolate chips for the same price as non-fair trade chocolate chips.  Totally made my day!

I used Paula Dean's cream cheese icing recipe.  Um...yum.  Could have eaten it with a spoon.  Okay.  Fine.  I did. Does anyone else day dream about Paula Dean being their grandmother?  I do, and when I do I'm about 30 pounds heavier in my daydreams.

Put half the cupcake on the bottom.  Squirt in a layer of cream cheese icing. Throw in a few chocolate chips. Add the top of the muffin.  Top with more icing and more chocolate chips.   This looks all nice and super neat in the pictures.  Oh the joy of blogging.  In reality, this was a mess...but a yummy mess.

Lynsey made some cute little labels.
I whipped out my Creative Memories circle cutter.
I was shocked I still knew how to use it.
Scrapbooking was a part of my life when four kids were not a part of it.

We tied the spoons on with twine.  Adorable.

And of course, this dessert was extra sweet because Lynsey was making it with me.

Ready to celebrate our little man.

Happy Birthday Hudson!


Aaron said...

I sure love that little birthday boy.

Bob & Judy said...

Happy birthday, sweet Hudson! Poppi and Grandma love you bunches and bunches.

"Two" is going to be a great year for you, a year full of adventure and love.

The Lord bless you and keep you, little man, and make you into a great man of God.

The Kramer Family said...

Happy Birthday Hudson boy. You are loved!

Aunt Lynsey, Uncle Jason, and the girls

Megan said...

Happy Birthday sweet boy! We love you so much!

Debbie Mc said...

Girl! Saw those jars in the fridge and successfully avoided them (you know... trying to go down on the scale not up) until reading your post about Paula's icing! Shame, shame, shame.... sure was good! I'll try to leave at least one jar for you guys. Hurry home. You are greatly MISSED around here! Love you!