Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Happy Anniversary

14 years of marriage and 4 kids later....

I get all weepy thinking of how many ways this could have gone wrong.  How many times I thought giving up was a good idea.  How many times I'm sure you wondered if I would ever change.  How many times I wondered the same.  How many times we still probably wonder those things.

And yet here we are, best friends, growing, becoming, changing. getting stronger as we get older.  Enjoying each other more today than we did when this journey began. 

This thing we have here...makes me weak with thankfulness.  Somewhere along the way God took two incredibly selfish people, made us one and then took what was broken and made it beautiful and useful.

Our marriage will forever be a visual picture of redemption to me.  A work of art that I look at every day and am reminded of how gracious God is to clueless, undeserving people.

I love you Aaron.  Every quirk.  Every witty, funny, brilliant piece of you.  The way you serve me and patiently love me sweetly screams God's heart towards me.  The way you are quick to forgive others, willing to be wronged, and persevere through hard, humbling, situations teaches me a great deal about who Jesus is.

This next year will be so full of new things.  New fears.  New challenges.  New joys.  There's no one I'd rather share those with than you, and oh my stars...no one on earth I'd trust enough with my life and our children's lives to follow to the crazy place we are headed.   


Megan said...

Happy Anniversary Hendricks! You have taught us so much and we love y'all to pieces!

Kirby said...

Happy Anniversary to one of my MOST FAVORITE married couples!! Our marriage has been so impacted because of yours. We love you two.

The Kramer Family said...

Happy Anniversary you guys! Hope you get to eat somewhere good tonight.

Bob & Judy said...

We're thankful for you two. Happy Anniversary, and many, many more.

Amanda Monteiro said...

Nice blog!