Friday, July 09, 2010

Friday Photos

Last Sunday we loaded up the family and headed to Roundtop Texas for the BEST parade I've attended since I was a little girl.

We felt like we had stepped onto a movie set.  The town of Roundtop is precious.  Every old building is quaint.

The kids were so ready for this parade to start.  Rick Perry gave an opening speech.  It was nice, but when kids smell candy down the road and the sun is beating down on them, it wouldn't have mattered what Rick Perry was saying...he sounded like Charlie Brown's mom to us.

My kids have never been to a parade where candy is thrown.  Really. We have parades in our town, but they don't throw candy.  Every time we're at the Christmas parade I reminisce with the boys..."When I was a kid, they used to throw tons and tons of candy.  Buckets full of candy.  Those were the days."  I would sound like a 90 year old lady.

I've heard parades don't throw candy anymore because they are afraid kids will get run over.  Lame.  Totally lame.  Well...Roundtop's parade threw candy.  I hadn't even prepared the kids for candy, because I didn't think it would be a possibility.  I thought candy at parades went out with butane curling irons.  You should have seen their faces when the first float belted them with candy.  At first they turned around, shock on their faces...totally offended that they just got clobbered by something.  Hayden was ready to fight someone.  Then they looked on the ground and realized what hit them...CANDY!  Holy fireworks, Batman...they went bonkers.  Bonkers, I tell ya!

They grabbed candy.  Acted like total animals.  Elbowed perfect strangers.  Fell on the elderly.  There was nothing going to stop them from getting their candy.  It was perfect.  I loved watching them experience all the good and the ugly that comes with candy flying out of the air.  I laughed.  I also talked to them on the ride home about not elbowing kids they don't know on the quest for candy...and not taking beads from tiny little girls.  It was their first real parade.  I thought some grace was in order.

This picture of Laney Rae should be on the new poster for the Roundtop Parade.  Does this not scream fun?

Little brother (who is normally very loud) never said one word once the parade started.  Not one word.  He sat with two suckers in his hands at all times.  He was a big fat sticky mess once the last float went by.

After the parade we ate at Royer's Roundtop Cafe.  The best ever.  I felt like I was in Austin.  The food was delicious and the environment was lively.  Loved every loud, fattening minute.  And the buttermilk pie? die for.

See that sucker in his hand?  Not letting go of that thing for his life.

Lynsey planned our whole morning...the parade in Roundtop and the lunch at Royers.  She could not have done a better job.  This was one of my favorite fourth of July's.  We all decided it was our new tradition.For real, if you are anywhere near Roundtop Texas, you should totally make the drive.  On the way home I was asking myself how far I'd drive for this parade.  Two hours.  That's what I decided.  It's "two hours" good.  So if you live within two hours of Roundtop, meet us there next year!

After church Sunday evening we exploded fireworks at Yonder Way Farm.

More than once I thought Aaron was going to blow up one of the children.

See that guy with Aaron?  His name is Chris Feldman.  His wife Shannan is pictured above.  We love the Feldmans for 100% pure reasons.  The Feldmans think we love them because Chris is an EMT/RN.  They are convinced I've forced Aaron to be friends with Chris because of Aaron's love of everything dangerous.  Hmm....I wouldn't say that's all the way true, but I will say that there have been several times that Aaron tells me what he's about to do and I have been known to say, "Is Chris going with you?"

 Oh man...I love these people.  And I'll just admit it right here in front of everyone.  I have always had a crush on Lynsey's arms.  Lovely, no?

Our evening ended with a giant toad.  What's new, right?

What a beautiful day.  As I listened to Rick Perry talk about our constitution, I thought about how miraculous it is that our founding fathers were able to write such a powerful document.  I thought about how blessed we are to have a stable government (not perfect, but stable).  After visiting Haiti, I don't know...I just felt extra patriotic and thankful for a working government this year.

On the way to church on Sunday night I asked the boys what they remembered about Rick Perry's speech.  Nothing.  Remember the candy?  Charlie Brown's mother?  So I went back over the speech with them.

It was important to me to remind the boys that while we celebrate freedom, and it's wonderful to be thankful for such a privilege, that we can never forget that all over the world, people are not free.  They are in slavery.  They are oppressed.

Hope your fourth was fantastic.  This is one we'll never forget.


The Kramer Family said...

best. parade. ever.

the day was a blast and I felt like such a patriot. totally.

it will be a tradition for years to come.

mandi said...

i LOVE round top parades! and royers. we were just there last night. here's a little secret. just between me and you. nobody goes on thurs. so you get a table all to yourself (we have had to share one more than once) and you can hear your people talking to you.

Kimberly said...

so cool! no parades in this little town.. and that's terrible enough.. we have a bandstand though; so we do get a summer concert series where everyone sits in the blazing heat with bugs biting them and shares all the dirt on their neighbors.. music is great usually, but if I go I try to sit a bit off to avoid the gossip and covered in OFF to avoid the bites.. total river city flashback hanging there at the gazebo!

Iggy said...

wow - thanks for sharing this!