Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Photos: Project Prepare for Haiti (laughable?)

It's been a great vacation week.  We're exhausted and so some would argue that we have not had a great vacation.  We'd just argue right back that we have four kids...boy kids...and in order for them to have a great vacation mom and dad come home ready to sleep the entire weekend away.  One day maybe vacation will mean coming home rested.  Right now it means coming home ready to stick our kids in front of the tv tomorrow morning while Aaron and I sleep in to recuperate.

We've been in Austin enjoying nature and tons of free activities with our kids while also making a dent in our shopping list for the things we will need in Haiti.  You can't exactly find solar powered lamps in Brenham.  If you know me at all you know I despise shopping.  Hate it.  Researching where our stuff comes from  makes me nauseous when I have to enter stores.  I won't get into all of that now, but just wanted to say that there have been rough moments this week for me spiritually, praying, really asking God what we need and how to obtain it in a way that cares for the people making our products.

While here we have loved hanging out together and making the most of Austin's beautiful parks.

We've just about used every gift card we've had in our possession...we totally planned our trip around gift cards.  We've only paid for two meals this, pretty awesome.

Austin Nature fun and free!  We spent a good deal of our day here.  Boys were in heaven.

We waited FOREVER for the bats under the bridge to come out, but we finally gave up.  Bats and my bladder about to burst will forever be linked in my mind.

Hayden and his notebook.  It's normal to us.  We hardly even notice it anymore.  But I never want to forget...for years Hayden has hardly left the house without a notebook.  He documents his entire life in these notebooks.  He story boards for his movies he's going to make.  He makes lists of all the things he thinks he'll need in his tree house he's going to build one day.  That notebook is a part of Hayden.

We had dinner with friends...the Allens and Jessica Schmale...

Then it was off to Sea World.  For a Christmas gift we received season passes to Sea World.  What a great gift!  I love Sea World because you can bring in your own food.  Ice water is free.  So this is a super fun way to spend the day.  We practically crawled out of the park last night but had a blast.

It's been a perfect vacation.  The only disappointment was the bats, and honestly I wasn't that excited about seeing a billion bats fly towards me.

With any vacation it is beautiful to have a front row seat, free of distractions in the lives of one another.  It was wonderful to spend time with Aaron.  We rediscovered how perfectly brilliant, funny, and incredible our boys are.  We also discovered some areas where we all need a little attention and work (parents included).

We had fun and also got a lot accomplished for the move to Haiti.  Aaron is leaving in about a week, and even though our list has lots of scratch marks on it, I still don't think there is any real way to feel prepared for what lies ahead.  We're incredibly thankful for this time together this week.  These truly are my favorite people on the planet.


hodgesgal said...

we live here, seen the bats a zillion times, its overrated! LOL

I love that someone else is exhausted after vacation... with our 4 boys we feel the EXACT same way!

I also love, love, love that you were so "frugal" on your vacation! We are doing the same this summer!

can't wait to hear more about your Haiti experience!

Monica said...

When do you leave? Is there anything that we could do for you before you leave? I want you to know that you will be very missed...I'm sure more than you even realize.


mike c said...

I'm not sure if this will be helpful or not but my Dad is working with some people at Light up the World to try to get solar lights placed in Haitian homes. They have a lot of cool solar light products that you can purchase on their site. Their website is

Also my Dad mentioned Nokero makes a solar light bulb that is really unique and works well. Just some ideas.

And totally unrelated but I laughed so hard when I read your post about rollerskating. Would you believe that my parents owned a roller rink in the 80's. Oh Yes, its was called Roll-America. Isn't that a great 80's name? My husband still laughs at me because I know lots of good 80's lyrics. "Gloria" was my favorite song. :)


Hendrick Family said...

So sweet, Monica.

We just have a few more things to purchase, and then the insane task of packing and shipping our things.

Aaron leaves next Monday (August 2) and the kids and I leave August 13.


I can't wait to show that website to Aaron. What an incredible ministry!