Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Twitter, Let's be Second Best Friends

Somehow we've managed to totally ignore the Twitter craze.

Not any longer!

Lynsey and I both got an account today.  So did Aaron.  It was Twitterfest around here!

You've heard the old saying...

The family that signs up for Twitter together, stays together.

Oh the joy!  It doesn't take much to make me feel cool these days.

It did take me about 30 minutes to decide what to write for my first tweet.

Thanks D.O. for patiently schooling us in all things Twitter.

Now that you've left I have 500 questions.  I'll ask Ryan though.  He lives closer.  I can annoy him easier.  Get ready Ryan!

If I would have had Twitter earlier today I would have told you this:

Taking four kids to get passport pictures in small town Brenham is a disaster waiting to happen.  I get sweaty remembering it.

Taking four kids to the district clerk's office for passports is only manageable with three adults present.  Three adults were there, and Hudson still left the office with his shirt soaked with water.  Water coolers are not good for two year olds.  (that would have been too long to Tweet, huh?)

Hayden totally freaked out the dentist today.  For some reason when she told him to shut his mouth so she could inspect his bite he stuck his jaw out really far and just sat there with a terrible, awful underbite.  The dentist literally gasped when she looked down.  She just stared at him in horror.  Then Hayden started laughing.  He said, "Gotcha!" And then quickly closed his mouth the right way.  He smiled his big smile.  Once she realized she was punked by an 8 year old, the dentist laughed so belly laughed.  She turned to me and said, "Who is this kid?  He's crazy!"  I said, "You have no idea!"

Hayden told the dentist..."You didn't even breathe for a minute."  She got the biggest kick out of him.  I asked him, " did you even think to do that?"  He said..."I started thinking I was going to do that when we were eating lunch today."

What will I do with this kid?

If Aaron would have had Twitter earlier this week he would have told you that he killed another mouse with a blow dart.

If I would have had Twitter earlier this week I would have told you that when Aaron went to get the dart out of the mouse's body, the mouse shot up and almost bit him.  Aaron screamed like a lady.

You can follow us if you want to...

mosaicvillage (Aaron)

hendrickfam (me)

yonderwayfarm (Lynsey) we come!


LD said...

I laughed out loud when I read the part about Aaron screaming like a lady. Awesome.

thoughtsbyryan said...

Glad you're excited about this. When Aaron starts actually Tweeting, I'll get my jacket ready for the freezing over of Hell. I'll believe it when I read it!

The challenge will be for you to keep you tweets under 140 characters... you are a little ellaborate, Heather.

On the other hand... this will be no different than Aaron's normal speaking habits.


Hendrick Family said...

Yes...this will be a challenge. I think Twitter is gender bias.

Men are used to grunting out thoughts.

Women, not so much.

Twitter will be my life as a commercial. That's how I'm thinking of it.


The Kramer Family said...

how fun!

i just signed Farmer Jason up for the farm. I'm bound and determined to make him the "Twittering Farmer".

If he were twittering yesterday he would have said,"I'll sell you her breasts since she didn't show up."

He is yonderwayfarm (Farmer Jason).

Yahoo! I've given my first tweet a little too much thought and now i'm all sweaty! Too much pressure.

The Kramer Family said...

oh and aaron must need to confirm something because his isn't showing up.

MeldaET said...

I agree with others....Twitter is for men. (they don't have much to say).

And I would pay you 100 bucks to see a video of the mouse blow dart/ not really dead scene. Good day in the morning, that would be funny over and over.

Hayden is such a trip that I wish I could be closer to him. He would love hanging out with the youngest two Thornton boys..... on second thought, the 3 together might be too much trouble.

Hendrick Family said...


We have the mouse and the scream on video! I should post it.


Alanna said...

Y'all completely crack me up!