Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Photos

Last Saturday we went to a wedding in Austin for these sweet people...Michael and Kristin Allen.

We had such a great time.

The boys looked snazzy...

At one point in the evening I heard the dance floor chanting, "Go Hayden.  Go Hayden."

We turned the corner to see our crazy child in the middle of the dance floor.

It was fun to get dressed up, go to one of our favorite towns and celebrate with people we love.

The next morning was Father's Day.  What a sweet daddy we have.

My dad came up to see all of us.  It was the perfect day.  I swear I own more shirts.

The kids wake up excited to check the gardens.  They are quite the tomato pickers.  I never want to forget how Laney Rae says tomatoe.  Too-mate-oh

lots and lots of swimming.  lots and lots of good sleep at night.

Besides a tarantula, this week they became the proud owners of a locust right out of its shell...a gigantic walking stick (like something from Indian Jones) and a rat snake.  Right after being captured the rat snake threw up a bird that had been partially digested.  Nice.  Right after it yacked the bird, the snake died.  Even better.

We've been hanging out with the Apels on the farm.  Kirby taught me to make the most yummy breakfast this morning.  Eggs in a hole, or eggs in a basket.  Delicious.  We're going to make jelly tomorrow and finally post how we do it (pictures and all.)

As we've been preparing to go to Haiti one of the hardest parts for us is leaving behind family and friends.  We've been extra intentional about spending time...quality time with the people we love before we go.  It has been a blessing to be out here on the farm with my family...the cousins soaking each other up, laughing every night with one another, cooking dinner with Lynsey and cleaning the kitchen with each other.  Makes me wonder why we didn't do this more, why we all don't do it more.  I know we'll leave our friends and family here, but I'm thankful that when we come back to the US the time we will spend with one another...that time with family and friends will be rich, real and sweet.  There will be time for long talks.  Holding sleepy nieces.  Sharing the morning with one another.  Staying up way too late doing ridiculous things like... 

getting Charlie to give us all Sharpie tattoos.  Have you ever thought about what you'd want for a tattoo if you got one?  Lots of laughter last night as we all thought of ideas.  Lynsey started quoting people's facebook statuses as suggestions.  Whew!  Funny!

And now for my favorite picture of all time...

When we came across this one from the wedding we both laughed out loud.  Aaron said, "I bet Ryan has seen these looks from us a lot.  I look like I'm saying, "What are you thinking?" and you just look mad at him."

We love you Ryan, even if our faces don't always show it!  I'm sure Ryan had just said something totally inappropriate.  Aaron was getting on to him, and I was probably pointing out that all my kids just heard what Ryan said...reminding my children to ask permission before repeating things that Mr. Ryan says.  Love this.  It's a treasure to me.

This week I have been overwhelmed with God's goodness through the gift of real, intense and strong friendships.  A piece of heaven.  That's what those relationships feel like.  What a joy it is to know God and be known by God.  What a joy it is to be known by others and to know then well.  No hiding or pretending.  Sweet.  Sweet. Blessings.


hodgesgal said...

I love reading about your time on the farm, cousin time is soooo important!! your next adventure is HUGE and I can't wait to see what God leads you all through...
That last picture though... that has me really laughing...

The Kramer Family said...

got a little teary with this one....dang you! so sweet.

and heather, i really think it's impossible for you to take a bad photo. even your "what are you doing face?" looks gorgeous.

p.s. i have witness to you owning more shirts, but i do favor the melon one because it makes you look like a beautiful hippy:) and esp with your "katie beads".

mandi said...

So much good here to comment on:
first off- egg in a basket. love it! so yummy!
second- the last wedding we went to, dylin was in the middle of the dance floor too and they were all chanting "go dylin". i just got pictures from the mom of the groom and dylin is on the shoulders of a groomsmen. umm...
third- hayden ALWAYS cracks me up with his fake picture smile
fourth- what kinda jelly you making? i'm making some tomorrow too!
fifth- that last picture- hilarious!

the amy's said...

Beautiful. You. Your family. Your boys. Your heart. I cried seeing your pictures. I miss you already just from not seeing you at church all the time, so it already feels like I watch your life through this blog. But I am so blessed to hear all the Lord is doing in your lives, and eager to hear the work He has for you there. You are in my prayers. ~Liz

Hendrick Family said...

Thank you sweet Liz. Lynsey...I teared up typing this today. funny about Dylin. We're making strawberry jelly. I'm ready for peach jelly but I've yet to make the trip to Madisonville. What kind are you making?

You were our original jelly teacher!

Elizabeth...your family is so beautiful!


Grandma said...

Didn't my firstborn son marry just the prettiest girl????

Jessica said...

A. I'm letting you off the hook for not calling me when you were in Austin, but only because I happened to be out of town :)

B. Egg in a hole is also called Toad in A Hole sometimes - weird huh?

C. When can I come see you in Brenham?

D. When can I come see you in Haiti?

Hendrick Family said...

Toad in a hole? That makes me want to barf.

Aaron is gross and calls it "chicken butts" because there's a hole with an egg coming out of it. That man.

Yes...we need to pick a time to hang out. I'm coming back to Austin soon though. Maybe twice before we leave.

And YES! Come see us in Haiti. We have room for you to stay at our house.

Love you Jessica!