Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Photos - Rock Store for Haiti

These two social-justice-loving cuties set up a rock store for Haiti on the farm today.

What is it about kids and rocks?  Rocks=treasure around these parts.

As you walk up to their high class operation, you'll hear them say, "Buy rocks for Haiti so kids can go to school."

All proceeds from their rock adventure are going to TeacHaiti.

You'll hear a great deal about TeachHaiti at Mosaic Village in the near future.  It is incredible what $350 a year can do to change a child's life.  While in Haiti we spent time with Miquette Denie, the founder of TeacHaiti.  Stay tuned for more about this grassroots, no overhead, all your money goes straight to the kids ministry.

I asked the precious little clerks at the Rock Store for Haiti if  maybe their proceeds should go to Mosaic Village since ya know...their own family is raising money right now to go to Haiti.

They paused for a second.  Gave it some thought.

Then Ashton tilted his head and kindly said, "No."  K.K. politely added, "We really want kids to go to school."

They seemed a little sorry for not giving money to their own parents/aunt, but totally unmoved in their endeavor.

I bought two rocks.

paid the lovely cashier

and collected my "goods" from an adorable little bagger.

Their little display contained rocks, a cash register, bandaids and some apple juice...cause you never know when you'll need some bandaids and apple juice.

They have already made $10 today for TeacHaiti.

Their profit may have very little to do with the merchandise and a lot to do with the fact that they are both so incredibly cute.


In other news this week...

As I was cleaning the kitchen one afternoon I hear Hayden say, "Mom...look at me.  I'm Abraham Lincoln."

Abraham Lincoln wishes his chair was that cool.



We took the kids to the county courthouse to get their passports this week.

I guess it's official.  This family is moving to Haiti.


CarpioFamily said...

let those cuties we'll take 2 rocks!! Such Sweet hearts

Hendrick Family said...

They will be so excited Kaylene!

The Kramer Family said...

these two were seriously so cute.

there is still a GIANT rock "for sale" on the front porch. they want $30 for it. any takers???

and Hayden...your brain is so crazy. i love it.

i'm pretending not to notice the last part....ahem.

mandi said...

Hmm...they didn't tell me it was for Haiti! I would have given them more than 50 cents. Great, now I feel like a miser. A miser who doesn't want kids to go to school.

Kirby said...

I'm bringing my money with me this week! are hysterical! I can hear your laugh right now, the laugh where you crack up at your own jokes.

I'm pretending not to notice the last part, too...