Monday, June 28, 2010

Anson Saves the Day

Now that we're living in the farm we've had to deal with the fact that mice enjoy coming inside.


Today I went to get some flour out of the pantry and there was a mouse on a glue trap.  Let's all shake violently.

Seeing that thing moving around on the trap made me lose all control of my body.  Not kidding.  My legs felt like jelly, and this creepy feeling kept crawling up my back making me do full body freak outs.

Aaron isn't home.  Jason is on vacation.  Dean and Oscar (guys who work here on the farm) were at lunch.

Good thing I have four boys.  We nominated Anson to get the trap and dispose of it.  Hayden was dying to be the one who grabbed the glue trap, but we really felt like this was something Anson needed to do.  I knew he could do it and would be so proud of himself when it was over.  Anson usually takes a backseat to all things freaky...not because he's overly afraid...but because his brother Hayden is a self-declared wildlife warrior.  There is no animal he won't pick up and hug.  Hayden told me if he could get the glue trap then he was going to save the mouse's life by dropping hot water on his little feet to melt the wax and then put him in a little cage and nurse him back to life.  My reply..."No you're not."

Hayden wanted to video tape his brother getting rid of the mouse.  I stayed in the living room.  I couldn't even look at the thing.

It took some time and lots of laughing but Anson did it.  We're so proud of him. 

The poor mailman showed up right as the kids were about to bring the mouse outside.  Nice. 

This was my first run in with a glue trap.  Disgusting!  How are these things humane?  Ask Kirby what she used to do in college with the mice she and her roommates caught on glue traps.  Go ahead...ask her.


Gabbie said...

ok, this is the best thing that has happened to me all day....all week! are the man...the mouse man! You will be ready to battle all kinds of tropical nonsense and protect your momma in Haiti! The gloves were cool dude! I miss you!

Kathryn, Michael and Alex said...

Praise the Lord for boys!! We used to get mice in the garage when the subdivsion was new.
I used a glue trap once...HORRIBLE!!! Went straight to the snappers after that...mice and humane are not used in the same sentence at my house!
Then the boys would just check the trap, scoop em up and throw them away...shaking with gross.

Hendrick Family said...

Those traps are sick! Now that little mouse is probably in the dumpster chewing his feet off or something. So wrong.


Charlie said...

Way to be, Anson!

I didn't take my first mouse on a glue trap out to the trash until Kirby and I were married a year!

Way to finish strong and take it out! You're the man!

Kirby said...

See, Anson! You're almost ready to be married!

Kirby said...

Eww, I am so glad that I am gone! (Hopefully that thing doesn't have any brothers...)

Anson, I was eating an apple when I started watching this video and had to throw it away, I got so sick to my stomach! Gross! You are so brave! I am so proud of you. Tell your mom to let you back it over next time in the buggy to put the poor little guy out of his misery! But make sure you cover him with a paper towel and then throw him in a grocery bag, k? That's the proper way to dispose of such things!

hodgesgal said...

Heather, when I lived in CS Howard Tipton helped me with a mouse problem... he brought those over and then when the mouse was "caught" he came all the way from Bryan to my house to throw it away. I just couldn't take it out, it was awful. Of course Anson was only 2 or something back then... LOL

Ellie said...

Absolutely loved the commentary on the video!!! Nothing like an annoying sister begging to do what you're not sure of!!

And I agree with him - he's freaky! (The mouse, that is.)

Chuck said...

The proper way is to give the animal a humane death. No animal deserves to starve to death in someone's bin - it's a slow and painful death.

All I'm saying is that if one has to kill an animal, please do it as painlessly as possible. They can feel pain too, so torturing them like that is just wrong... they can't help what they are.

Bill Klein said...

It's a pity you don't show as much compassion as Hayden did. Seems like a good kid - that's a quality you should encourage, not scorn.

Hendrick Family said...

Have you two alerted all your animal loving friends to come over here?

I think I mentioned in the post...

We don't think this was humane.

To be honest, a mouse was eating our food in our pantry and so we set out glue traps thinking that was humane.

After seeing the mouse on the trap, we have decided against them.

This was our first run in with a rodent in our pantry, so we made some mistakes the first time around. How about some grace?

Or is there only grace for mice?


Chuck said...

I'm not here to put you down, it was just an observation.

Well, it's good to see you think the traps are clearly wrong - however, why wasn't the poor thing put out of its misery? :(