Monday, May 24, 2010

Lots of Lost Thoughts Today....

Lost?  What's Lost?

We did not jump on the Lost loony wagon until a couple years into the hysteria.

Our friends, Brock and Megan convinced us to start watching the show.  Us not watching it was causing a wall between us.  It was affecting our friendship.  We convinced the Apels to watch the show for the very same reason.  We flat out admitted to them that we'd like them more and our relationship would go to an all new level if they would start watching Lost.

After two episodes we were so hooked that Aaron looked at me, having done mental math (something I think is so sexy in a man) and says..."We could finish season one if we stayed up until Tuesday afternoon."   Mental math.  Who can do that?

For months...we barely slept.  Aaron threatened to take vacation time to watch the show.  One time he watched an episode without me, and I thought we were going to have to go to a therapist for marriage counseling.  Especially since I threw around the phrase, "cheated on me."

Lost was like a drug.  I'd say, "I'm only watching one episode" and then at the end of the show I would be a wreck, pacing the floor, wringing my hands...all jittery and junk.  I'd look at Aaron and say, "Hit me again...push play..."  Like a good dealer, he'd comply.

The black, saggy bags under my eyes were kind of like my "tracks."

While we were catching up on episodes, all our close friends knew why we'd bolt out of the building right after church.  They knew why we'd show up to a birthday party and leave right when it was over.  They saw the jitters.  They saw the shakes.  They knew we had to have our nightly fix.  Like good enablers they made excuses for us and ran social interference.

For now....a repost:

This post originally debuted on Sit A Spell September of 08.


Know what I just did?

Well...I've been asking God to teach me about praying without ceasing.

"Stop thinking so much, Heather...and instead of thinking...pray."

I'm learning...slowly.

really slowly

Guess what I just caught myself doing?

I was in the kitchen doing the dishes and here's what I caught myself saying...

"God help Claire."

Who is Claire?

A girl off Lost.


God rolled His eyes at me today...I'm sure of it.

Last night I had to go to bed not knowing what has happened to Claire.

Why did that man take her?

Is she okay?

Will she have her baby without Jack?

What is she going to do without diapers...and orajel...and a pack n play?

Poor Chaw-lie.

His neck looks awful.

I wanted him and Claire to love each other.

I tossed and turned all night in the bed.


Where is Claire?

And the baby...

The baby!

This is getting ridiculous.

It's one thing to go to bed too late...lose sleep...because you're watching TV.

It's a whole other thing to not be able to sleep once you do go to bed because you are worried about a person on the show.

It's an entirely different thing all together if you find yourself praying for a fictional character.

Do I need counseling?


Miss Willow said...

Haha! This is 3 brothers and I made a commitment to re-watch the past seasons of LOST before this final season began...we got a little behind here and there and so ended up spending 10 straight hours in front of the TV the Sunday before this season began... It was insanely intense. Yesterday, I made the 3hr drive to College Station for the sole purpose of attending a LOST party...If you find a LOST therapist we just might join you ;)

Brian said...


barrywallace said...

I've never seen "Lost" but I sure enjoyed your comments on Justin Taylor's blog today. I'm now a subscriber to Sit a Spell.

Hendrick Family said...

Glad to "blogland" meet you. There are several posts below about our journey to Haiti. Right now, we're in the "go through your entire house, pack up your stuff, give it away, sell it" stage. It's been brutal on me. For someone who claimed to not love my stuff, that song changed once I can't take it with me. I feel like I've been in a war the last two weeks coming face to face with where my treasure has been and how much I love our possessions.



Ched said...


Welcome to the club.

Shannon said...

LOL!! I am actually laughing out loud! We were addicted to Lost and I remember times I'd start feeling sad, "what is Sawyer going to do now without Juliet " and when Charlie died... I did the ugly cry and moped around the house the next day. Now and then I'd have to slap myself on the forehead and remind myself that its a tv show. :)