Friday, April 23, 2010

Three Things I'm Digging Right Now

Remember the Radical Series. Uh. Duh. Of course you remember it, because I'm super annoying about it and won't write about anything else.

I promise.

One day I'll go back to writing about bodily functions and being borderline inappropriate. Have patience with me.

Okay, enough small talk. Back to the Radical Experiment. Go ahead. Roll your eyes. Whatev.

Well...Megan told me about the coolest thing ever.

Brookhills has some great resources online for people who have gone through the Radical Series. In a nutshell, David Platt (pastor of Brookhills) preached the life altering, headache inducing, bring revival in your soul series called the Radical Series. Later, their church embarked upon a 1 year journey to pray for the world, read through the Bible and live out all their new convictions about giving and loving people around them. This part of their journey is called The Radical Experiment.

From what I can gather, the church prays over a specific country every week. During that week you get informed about that country. You read through parts of the Bible together...all that jazz.

Brookhills has some cool links (especially for those of you with kids). I can't wait for our family to use these resources. Maybe I'll actually learn some geography. Jesus and map skills. Both much needed around here.

Here's how it will work...

We'll buy this book:

Window on the World
looks a little creepy, but it's going to be great

You can get it on Amazon or

We'll use this study guide put out by Brookhills...

Go here. Scroll down to the bottom and either click on Family Worship Guide or click on Family Worship Guide Archive. To get an idea of what's available every week for you and your kids, just read the latest Family Worship Guide. But...we are going to start from the beginning, so we'll be using the archive.

The family worship guide for the week will give you scriptures to use every day with your kids, a verse to memorize for the week, and the teachings for the week will correspond with pages out of the Window on the World Book. Window on the World will teach our families about different countries and the prayer needs for each country. Wow!

I love how Brookhills serves their families this way (and all of us!) They have basically done the planning and leg work for us. We just grab the book, grab the family worship guide and dig in. What a great resource!

For those of you who are not sure what Family Worship is (or how to get started) Brookhills has put together one of the best packets for explaining Family Worship and helping families get going. This is like Family Worship for Dummies. Except we won't be dummies. We'll know where Pakistan is.

You can check that out here. It's called A Simple Guide to Family Worship.

Second thing I'm loving right now...

The Story of Stuff. Check it out. If you're on this journey with us to figure out where our stuff comes from and how to honor God by caring for the people who make the products we buy, The Story of Stuff does a great job giving an overview of some of these issues. Thanks for sending this to me, Aubry!

I'm not sure if I love the content of this video, or just love Annie's hand movements. I'm a sucker for good hand gestures. They hypnotize me.

And last but not least...

Speaking of caring for the earth. I will be making far less trash every month because of this great invention:

The Diva Cup.

I'll also be grossing myself out every month, but it's for the I'll take one for the planet.

I won't go into great detail, but I'm outing myself.

I have one.

I use it.

I love it.

Google it.

Yep. It's happened.

I've gone granola.

David Platt. Family Worship. Story of Stuff. Diva Cup.

Only here, folks. Only here.


Laura Stiller said...

Okay - you had me until the Diva cup - REALLY?! EEK! My friend is currently hiking the Pacific Crest Trail ( using this on her six month hike - that was the first time I'd heard of them. And to be honest, they give me the heebie-jeebies - but more power to ya'll! If I ever get brave and super-green, I'll remember than if Heather can do it - I can do it!

Hendrick Family said...

Ha Laura!

It's pretty gross at first. I will say, you'll get to know yourself in a very up close and personal way.


It has been great.

I for sure don't know how missionary women don't use them.

You can totally be creeped out. I use one, and it still creeps me out. But it's worth it!


Connie said...

This sounds pretty great. Family worship can be so difficult esp. when the husband is not in the ministry or a teacher or anything related. It can be intimidating, to say the least.

I love the idea of all of this....we are def. doing it. Besides, I could stand to know where Uganda is.

Mandy said...

We've been going through Window to the World b/c it's part of our Sonlight curriculum this year. I was just telling a friend how much I like reading through that book!
And, we've gone through the Radical series and my husband is going through it with his Sunday school class.
Thank you for passing along the info on the family study. Now we can combine the two as a family!

MacKenzie said...

I remember going through a similar book back when my mom homeschooled us (with sonlight too!). Considering that probably about 15 years ago and I still remember it, I think it made an impact!

Also, I love love love my diva cup. The grossness goes away after a few months :-) and you'll find yourself trying to convince your now scared of you friends to switch too.

Bob & Judy said...

Can anyone in your vast studio audience tell me how to get the Radical series onto my IPod touch?

mandi said...

thanks for the links for family worship. that book looks good. really good! i'm for sure checking that one out!

the diva cup...well...we have a love/hate relationship. i won't get into it here. just saying that i always love my gladrags and NEVER hate them.

Barbara said...

Guess I will have to investigate Diva cups??????


Connie said...

This is probably late...about the ipod touch:

go to

on the right there is a box called Media on audio.

Wait a couple minutes and several downloadable files will show up. The series is #'s 85-92 with 92 being the first. Beside them is a "free" button. Click it and a little red dot will jump to the "more" button on the bottom right indicating that it is in the process of downloading.

Touch "more" (bottom right) and then "downloads" and it will be there doing it's thing.

Takes a while...I'd do one at at time.

CarpioFamily said...

ok, so just to let you know, i have seen at kroger where they have disposable/ thinned diva rings, i guess if your on a trip somewhere and don't have time to rinse or something.

Robin said...

Thanks for the tip on Window to the World. That looks great, and I am adding it to my "for homeschool next year" list.

Connie said...

btw...found the Window on the World book at our library.

Nic said...

I USE ONE TOO!!!! Though I haven't admitted on my blog yet (! LOL! I guess I am not brave enough yet. I love mine too! Really isn't that much different than a tampon in the "grossness factor". We use NFP so checking "things within" is a normal thing here. I have LOVED not having to buy feminine stuff at the store and feeling green by reusing a product that replaces something disposable! I plan on trying out cloth pads after I give birth (for the 5th time) this fall!

Mandy Chalman said...

Ok, Heather, I don't know you personally, but I have a personal question for you. I first heard about diva cups from your blog and I have been using it for about 3 months. But I can't get my ding dang diva cup to stop leaking! Did you have this problem? It's super frustrating, because I really do like it. But I'm like a middle school girl leaking through my jeans every cycle. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you!