Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mother's Day Idea

I have an idea.


Mother's Day is right around the corner.

You can judge me if you want. I have four sons and one husband. When it's gift time around here, I have found it to be "not in my best interest" to let said males come up with their own ideas for what to get me.

I guess I could let them come up with something to get me on their own, but when I do that I usually end up with something dumb. Sorry. It's true. Buying something dumb, is extra dumb when I could simply tell them what I want. Buying something dumb is extra extra dumb when the money for a dumb gift could be used for something spectacular saving the life of one of the 24,000 kids who will die today of preventable diseases.

So why not just tell the men in my life what I want?

And by tell, I mean tell. Not hint. You can have your own opinions, but with this many guys in my house I have found that hinting doesn't work. It actually makes matters worse.

For instance, if it's close to a holiday and I say, "Wow. My back has really been hurting me lately. My neck is so sore. What I wouldn't give for a massage..." As I'm saying this, I'm thinking of a gift certificate to my favorite spa for an hour long massage.

Instead, I will probably end up getting this.

"Oh, you wanted a real massage? We thought you wanted a yellow sea anenome helmet."

Story. Of. My. Life.

Out with the hinting, in with the telling.

So I was thinking about what I want for Mother's Day. What do I need?


Really. I do not need another stupid thing.

I want to redeem this holiday. I mean, really. We could all buy into this world's dark agenda to commercialize everything lovely in our lives.

Personally, I'm kind of tired of that.

Then I read this great post at the Radical Womanhood blog.

You can read the article yourself. To sum it up, she gives some great gift ideas that will help mothers in developing countries support their families.

What if instead of asking for more junk for us, we invest in the life of another mother this Mother's Day?

How exciting!

One of my favorite places to invest in women is Heartline's Women's Program in Haiti.

Heartline brings women into their program, teaches them about the Lord and teaches them to sew.

Then those ladies sew purses and sell them on the internet.

If you've been around this blog for awhile, you know I had a purse party here at my house not long ago.

I LOVE my bag. Love it.

You can browse the bags online here.

I can't get over how well made my bag is and how trendy cool it is. Let me make this clear...when you buy a bag from Heartline, you are not offering a hand-out. I'm not saying hand-outs are always bad, but these purses are incredible. Mine is so well made. It is worth every penny I paid!

When you buy a bag from these women you are supporting mothers as they work extremely hard to support their families. Heartline is also an orphanage, but their greatest desire is to equip women so they can love and care for their children without having to abandon them.

You can also host a purse party. It's easy. You go here. Contact the lady in charge of purse parties. They will ship you a box of purses. You give them your credit card number, but nothing is charged on your card! Invite your friends over. Shop. Buy. Laugh. Eat. Talk about tampons, three year olds and kiefer. Then return any left over purses. You don't even pay shipping to get the bags or send the bags back. If the left over purses are returned nothing is ever charged to your card. It is super easy!

Another place to shop for your wife or mom...Katie's bead making program in Uganda.

Do you know about Katie? Oh how I love this girl.

She's in her early twenties and is raising 13 (or is it 14) girls in Uganda. Her life inspires me!

Want to make a difference in a woman's life for Mother's Day?

Read this post.

picture from Katie's blog

Then buy these beads! can check out what Trade As One is offering for Mothers.

Heartline, Trade As One, and Ugandan Necklaces are giving mothers hope.

What a wonderful gift to give to another mother on Mother's Day.


Buy a bag. Buy some beads. Buy some hope. Celebrate two Mothers on Mother's Day! Your own wife or mother, and another mother desperately trying to feed her babies.

Mothers. They have one thing in common. They love their babies in a ferocious way.

I know it is hard for us to imagine, but what if we couldn't feed our babies?

What if we had to watch them suffer, not because we were unwilling to work, but because there was no work?

How exciting to think of being celebrated this year as a mother by celebrating what we all have in common as mothers...a crazy, wild love for our children. A desire to see them laugh.

When we buy a bag, give a loan, or purchase some beads, we're equipping women to do one of the only things that matter to each of us as our babies.

I am praying for a Happy Mother's Day for you my sweet friends, but also for women just like us who have heard their babies cry out in hunger or watched them die of something lame like diarrhea or malaria. Let's give the gift of hope this Mother's Day!


Garratts said...

Can my kids buy me the little girl in the picture? I want to eat her up.

Thanks for the ideas!

Jamie R. said...

excellent idea, Heather! I just received my beads from 147 Million Orphans and they are beautiful! The colors are so pretty and the strand is long so you can wear it that way or double it up. Any girl (mom or not!) would love these!

The Mosiers said...

I understand having to tell instead of hint...Gotta love having boys :)

Which bag do you have? I'm looking for a bag that has deep pockets on the inside for snacks, sippy cups, etc. Any suggestions?

Thanks for the ideas!

Hendrick Family said...

I have the grocery style bag. I don't really love the ones online at Heartline right now. The ones we got were super cute. It has a big pocket on the inside.

Someone else asked me if one of those bags would work for a diaper bag. I think so, as long as you have a couple other smaller zipper type bags that would fit inside of it for holding snacks, etc.

I love how big it is and how soft it is.


mandi said...


The Kramer Family said...

Love this! Aunt D got a box full of beads today and they are beautiful!! I love mine so much and will probably wear them everyday.