Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Makes Me Wonder What I'm Doing With My Life...

Have all of you cried through Extreme Home Makeover's episode where they built a new home for the Beach Family?

If you love adoption, or are learning to love adoption don't miss this show! You'll be inspired.

Noel Piper mentioned on her blog...

One caveat: Adoptive parents, we have to grit our teeth and bear it when there are several mentions of the Beaches’ “own” children and adopted children–
not by the Beaches, though. I put my arm around Talitha and said, “You are my own child.”

I so feel what Noel is saying. The first time the EHM people fumbled that adoption terminology I literally think an audible growl came out of my body. Just the mama bear coming out, I guess.

Be blessed as you watch this sweet family! I kept thinking about how crazy the Beach family must be to have adopted all of those kids. Then I'd remind myself that what the Beach family is doing is only crazy if this kingdom is all that matters. How I want to live for heaven! Jesus, help my unbelief!

Here's the link to the first part of the episode. The second part will pop up automatically.
I bet these won't be available for long. I think there are only a few weeks worth of episodes online.

Part One

Make sure you have tissues. I watched it with my boys and cried all the way through this show. It's one of those things you watch...and cry...and then that one event causes you to rethink your entire life. There will probably be more tears during the "rethinking" part. Just a warning.

Did I tell you all that I got a spray tan this weekend for a wedding?

I think I only shared that on facebook.

Well...as you watch EHM...when you see Tye...that's what I looked like on Friday.


Spray Tans...

I need to write about that ultra weird experience.


Luci said...


I've been lurking for a while and wanted to say... I LOVE y'alls blog. You're such an inspiring couple and I've forwarded bunches of your post to my husband to read! We love learning more about y'alls adoption process and how the Lord is working in your life. It sounds like there are major changes coming up! :)


Hannah said...

I've read your blog for awhile, but never commented. Many of my friends went to elementary school with the older Beach children and said they're wonderful, wonderful people. What I loved about this episode is that it completely stripped the issue of adoption away from paperwork and costs and disrupted family order and behavioral problems and a plethora of other barriers that people often think of when considering adoption. I think these are all valid claims, but I love that, for the Beaches, it was simply a question: Doesn't every child deserve to be loved?
I think that is such a powerful statement. And one that I think people don't necessarily consider as they write off adoption quickly because of the above barriers. But what if we all saw adoption in this new light? As a simple question. Every child deserves to have someone rock him back to sleep when he's had a bad dream. To have someone bake his favorite cookies and make enough to share with the roommates. To have someone stand up to the driving instructor when he made her cry on the highway. To have someone love them so. Isn't that the question we should be asking?

Wow. That turned into an impassioned ramble. But I just love that the Beach family took such a complex subject and turned it into a simple issue. They changed my heart. And I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Hendrick Family said...

Good to meet you, Luci!

I love it when young couples are thinking about adoption early on in their marriage.


Your comment made me all teary-eyed! The Beach family did make it simple. It was good to see all my fears totally dispelled with the truth of their lives right in front of us.


Welcome...Please Come In...Grab a Chair... said...

Heather...you leave me speechless quite often....I love you sister

I often find myself crying over things that "trigger"....

My mom, our family, the Trevinos & the Whites LOVE what God brings together.

We, Jake, I and Baby Josiah love y'all!

We love Living Hope, Living Hope Bryan, and New Life C.S.

Sometimes you feel like a hamster, or puppy chasing your own tail.


He is perfect.
He is just.

Sometimes I feel like I want to adopt EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But God...

Brings life, hope, life....

He fills our cups...

He satisfies.

Even if you sometime want to chase...

He soothes.
He comforts.
He sends.
He gives us new names.
He calls.
HE ACTS...oh wait....we are HIS tools :)

I love you and yours. I love the Bacaks. I love the Aple. I love the Kinards. I love the Feldmans, seriously..... I could go on forever. I LOVE HIS BODY. HIS HEART> ADPOTION>

Jake and I constantly surrender our heart to HIM WHO HOLDS.


When we found out that baby Josiah was a boy.... we said...ok lord.

He gave me a boy

I am a girl... I like art... I love...

But He gave us a boy.

HE Blessed us with our son. :)

Our sweet Josiah.

God gave us an arrow! Whoop! Amen! Lord! WHooppppppppp!


Our job....

train him to guard his sisters' hearts.
train him to guard his heart...
guard his mind.

Watchmen...Watch-women... that might not be in the dictionary....but.... there it is anyway "watchwomen"

Feel free to edit my comment for the edification of the BODY.

Again, love y'all.

Just think....
How many kids do y'all actually have?

Lots... young us... teachable, hungry, seeking, searching, looking for love.

HIM. :)

Anthony and Sharon said...

Talked with some friends last night considering adoption and the "Isaac is theirs and Isaiah was adopted" terminology came up. Now if I watch the episode, I'll at least be prepared to not say bad words at ABC's editors/producers for not researching things better.

Are they brothers? They are now!!!

Anthony and Sharon said...

Oh...and since our profile isn't public because of the work we do overseas...


You guys are linked to it. Hope you don't mind...if you do, I will gladly remove the link. Thanks for being so vocal about all things adoption. We had already planned to adopt, but reading your posts while waiting for Hudson really helped mold my heart and see adoption and the kingdom more clearly. The conversation I had last night might have gone quicker if I had just pulled up your blog and read some of the adoption posts to our friends:)
Again thanks!

Melda said...

Thanks for sharing the link. The boys are on spring break and we watched it together.......there was certainly more than one tissue moment for me. WOW! What an amazing family....

I hope they can keep up the payments of that giant house. (*someone told me once that people often lose their EHM homes because they are "too much" - I don't know if that is true or not)

Anyway...... still hopeful that when this Navy life is over - God will add to our family. Indeed every child deserves to be loved,

and when a child needs a hug, he doesn't care what color the arms are! :)