Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Get in Shape Girl

Anyone remember this?

"Get in Shape Girl...You'll love the feeling! Get in Shape's so appealing."


Bunch of lies.

Getting in shape hurts and it's anything but appealing.

After a hard year of emotional issues, spiritual issues, having mono and being anemic I have felt like I'm wearing Mrs. Doubtfire's fat suit. Thankfully God has done some sweet knitting on my insides, but I have been feeling like I need a reset button for my outsides. I can't find one on my body though.

I'm trying two things to kick start my body, repair my immune system and get rid of the pudge that has made itself at home around my middle.

Weapon Number One...

Chia seeds. Have you heard of these? I found out about them on one of my favorite blogs. Christine is fun-knee. She loves breastfeeding, has dreads*, a multi-color family, loves Jesus, adoption, lives her life for the least of these...I could go on and on. She's the real deal. She's honest. Honesty is refreshing. She totally inspires me to be myself.

There is a Christine inside me somewhere. She just got lost along the way.

I've slowly read all of Christine's archives. Who does that? I certainly never had until Christine. For a few days, any time I had free time I'd catch up on Christine's blog. Okay wasn't actually all free time. The laundry got a little higher than I like for it to get. I guess that's okay sometimes.

Aaron would see me and say, "Are you reading the naked lady blog?" My response...yep. yep I am. I love her. There aren't naked ladies on her blog, by the way. There are nursing pictures. Aaron is silly that way. Besides, I think he just likes to say, "naked ladies."

Awhile back, Christine linked to this article about chia seeds:

Chia for Health

Plus...Dr. Oz has had loads of great things to say about our new friend, Chia.

Poor flax seed. Chia seeds seem to lap flax seeds in the race for awesome health. I'm sure on the health food aisle you can hear Chia taunting flax with lots of "Your momma's so big" jargon.

Sad day for flax seed.

Seriously, chia seeds help with weight loss, are super high in protein, calcium, magnesium, and are higher in essential omega 3 fatty acids than flax seeds. don't have to grind them. Who has time for grinding?

You can eat them in yogurt with granola, on cereal or bake them into breads. Or you can dissolve them in your favorite beverage. They are flavorless.

I bought some to jump start my immune system and to help Hayden's eczema. I'll also use them as a catch all for the other kids. A little chia every day will surely make up for the vegetables they hide in their napkins at dinner time.

Weapon Number Two...

I'm also starting a new workout/nutrition regimen today...with a real-live person who knows stuff. I'm super excited and a little nervous.

More on that to come...

I'm just ready to get back in shape. To stop feeling like a slug. I want my energy back. Stupid mono stole that from me. It's time to reclaim what has been lost.

Now if I had only kept my cool "Get in Shape Girl" arm weights from the 80's. I'd really be in business.

*How way-awesome are dreads? I've been trying to talk Megan into getting them.


CarpioFamily said...

have you tried Hemp seeds for protein? i am not sure how they add up against Chia seed though.

Hendrick Family said...

From what I read, Chia is about the same as hemp in regards to protein.

But...I am looking for hemp milk for Hayden. He drinks soy milk. I read that Hemp milk is really tasty and super good for skin. He needs that!


Heather Diaz said...

Loved Get in Shape Girl...I had the exercise ribbon and the tape that I played on my pink times! Thanks for the info on Chia seeds!

The Kramer Family said...

hey proud of you! i can't wait to see/learn some CrossFit moves from you!

hemp is pretty comparable to Chia seeds in the protein department, but a little more complete in regards to all of the other stuff. definitely worth looking up too.

hemp oil is where it's at.....very beneficial for eczema (just read about this yesterday) and cancer studies are being done on this little oil being beneficial for cancer treatments.

i believe you can buy hemp milk by the case through amazon. if you have amazon prime its free shipping.

love you!

Zara said...

I'm pretty much that person who reads the archives... I did that with you when I found you (not all of them, there are a lot!) and I'm working on that with Katie's blog cause I want to know her history, you know, how God moved her heart from a temporary stay to a mom-of-13-and-counting(?) stay.
And thanks for the info on hemp and chia!!!

mandi said...

haha! do i *remember* get in shape girl? i was the girl who made her whole family sit in the living room while i 'performed' my awesome aerobic moves. you're talking the poster child for get in shape girl!

guess i have to buy chia seeds now. great. i'll add them to all the other seeds lining the door in my refrigerator. love, love my hemp seeds.

living harvest hemp milk is delicious! run away from the soy like you're running from the plague! also- if you want a less expensive option you can make your own almond milk. and it's tasty and fresh!

LD said...

Hmm sounds interesting. I might have to look into those.

PS Have you tried Cerave cream on Hayden? I've had some really good response in my eczema patients with it. It's an OTC moisturizer but it has ceramides in it which help repair the skin's moisture barrier so that you don't need to use the steroids (which only relieve the symptoms of eczema) as often. Ceramides are all the rage at the derm conferences right now.

The Mosiers said...

Interesting info about hemp milk. If you find any let me know! Where could I find some hemp oil?

Hendrick Family said...

I'm sure you can find it at any health food store.

As far as soy milk goes, Erin...I would definitely see if Almond or Hemp milk is fine for Cade.

Starting in June, I am putting Hayden on the Paleo diet. I wish I had known about it earlier. It will be very difficult for him, because he is so used to eating grains. But that diet is supposed to heal up the gut lining for people with any sort of allergy issues (like eczema). I will try it for one month and see if his skin gets any better.

You can read about the paleo diet online! We could put Hayden and Cade on it together if you want to...then we can help figure out what foods they can eat and also support one another! Hayden is going to hate it!


Christina said...

That is so weird...all I can imagine is eating those seeds and getting longer, greener hair. I love learning about something new like that. I came here from Ben and Katie's blog...I have only read a little bit. What a journey you are about to embark on. It leaves me speechless.