Thursday, March 18, 2010

Rear Ended

Yesterday, as we stood in the grassy medium between two very busy highways with our four kids, we decided right there we would never ever come back to San Antonio.

The last time we came to San Antonio our car broke down. Nightmare.

Yesterday we were on our way to Sea World. We woke up bright and early. The kids had anticipated this trip for weeks. Right before we were going to take the Sea World exit a lady slammed into the back of our car.

Slammed into our car.

She hit us so hard all the change and belongings in the ash tray were all over the floors of the front seats.

Wrecks are scary.

We did not know what hit us. It happened so fast.

The kids started screaming as Aaron and I took a second to figure out what had happened.

Thankfully Aaron was able to keep our car from hitting the car in front of us. We weren't stopped...traffic was just slowing down when the lady behind us plowed into us.

We are all safe.

The back of the car looks pretty awful.

The lady's car is totaled, but she was fine.

We can't get over how "just like our life" it is that we could literally SEE the Sea World exit where we sat in our wrecked car.

We were so close!

Wrecks are never fun, but this was pretty complicated since we're not in our home town.

We were able to get to our hotel. Our car has been towed. We are still waiting on a rental big enough to hold all six of us and the stuff six people need when they travel.

We did make it to Sea World pretty late yesterday.

We'll go again later today.

Sobering. Wrecks always are. Life is incredibly fragile. We were grateful to all walk away from such a powerful experience.

The night before we left Aaron sat down next to me on the couch and said, "I'm really worried about this trip. The last time we went to San Antonio our car blew up. The last time we went to Wimberly our engine had to be replaced. We're going to both of those places."

We laughed and laughed about how silly he was being.


So thankful these little guys are safe.


The Mosiers said...

Scary! So glad you are all okay!! Enjoy your time at Sea World. We love that place!! (Well at least Matt does anyway)

Anonymous said...

Thankful you are OK!!! Maybe next vacation try going North because South doesn't seem to agree with you. Hope you have a fun time! DEBI

Lauren Christine said...

Hey Heather!! I am so sorry to hear this!! LD threatened to stop coming to SA when she got in a wreck on the way to see me :-p Anyway, I live in SA, so please let me know if you guys need anything, including a place to stay!! Seriously! Here's my phone number, just in case. 210-844-2916. :)


Bob & Judy said...

Oh, my goodness!!!! We are so thankful that you're alive! Poppi is talking to Aaron right now, so I'll hear more.....

San Antonio is a good place to stay away from.


Amanda said...

That really stinks. I'm sorry!

Melda said...

UGH! So frustrating.......but also thankful that you guys are all okay. The car...well, hopefully the lady has insurance. HUGS!

LD said...

Dude I'm scared of Seaworld now... I don't trust those freaky killer whales anymore.

Melissa Terry said...

Thanking God that you guys are okay! Praying the Lord redeems the rest of your time away...

Bless you and your little ones!

The Allisons said...

I found your blog through the Kramer's (we buy meat from them), and just wanted to say that I love your posts.
Glad you are all ok, but I just wanted to throw this out there...Make sure that the lady's insurance company pays to replace any car seats that you had in the car. Car seats are no longer safe once they have been in an accident and must be replaced! I recently learned this from a CPST friend of mine and had no idea; sorry if you already knew this, but it was just fresh on my mind.
Be safe and and enjoy the rest of your trip!

Garratts said...

You don't want to drive a Malibu?

Anonymous said...

So happy that you're o.k.!!! I know the scare of a wreck. It's also such a loud sound that you replay over and over in your mind.

I pray you had a blast at Sea World! I LOVE Sea World!!!! I cry every time during the Shamu show and everyone laughs at me, but I don't care. I am amazed every time that beautiful creature made by our God jumps out of that water! So beautiful.