Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy Spaghetti Day

Yesterday was Spaghetti Day in the Hendrick House, the day we stop every year and remember how the Lord worked and moved to heal Hayden's body.

This was our fourth Spaghetti Day to celebrate!

Deuteronomy 4:9

Only take heed, and guard your life diligently, lest you forget the things which your eyes have seen and lest they depart from your [mind and] heart all the days of your life. Teach them to your children and your children's children.

We want to be faithful to remember all that has happened in Hayden's life.

Spaghetti Day fell on a Saturday this year. Normally we plan a huge spaghetti meal with friends and family to celebrate. This year on Spaghetti Day we had two soccer games, a wedding and a bridal shower. Whew! So, we decided to grab some lunch as a family at Johnny Carinos to remember this special day.

I love this picture!

What handsome guys!

Hayden four years ago...look how little he was!


Bob & Judy said...

So great. So great. God did that.

Anonymous said...


Swagbucks shirt.

Kim said...

happy spaghetti day, hayden!!!

and i'm cracking up at ashton's spaghetti face. love it.

Riahli said...

That is the second time I have read the spaghetti story and it brings tears to my eyes. We are going though some serious health issues right now with my son and I hope and pray for a wise doctor like the one God put into your lives. I am so glad he was able to figure out a solution for you all. That all of that could end for you. Happy Spaghetti Day (I just think that is the cutest).