Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Movie Review

loved it.

as in

Lu-huved it.

We had a great time with friends last night watching No Impact Man. Here's a photo of some us from Jessie's photo blog.
We viewed the movie at an off campus dorm.

The dorm is super fancy and cool.

Right when we walked in, I asked Aaron if we could move there.

Wouldn't that be fun?

They cook all your food for you.

Sign me up.

The movie room was incredible.

The perfect place to watch a great movie with a bunch of great friends.

I'll have to break up my thoughts about this movie into several posts.

WAY too much to process at one time.

I'll work my way through my thoughts from littlest to biggest.

Here's where I'll start...

This family set out to make no impact on the earth for one full year.

This meant drastic changes.

I mean drastic...no tv, no buying anything new for a year (or really even used), no trash making, no meat, no vehicles, no eating out, no electricity...eating only local, seasonal foods, see...I told you...drastic.

They live in New York City.

Everything about the way they lived had to change for this project. Completely change.

There's this scene where the family is together, outside at a fountain in the middle of the city.

The wife, Michelle is talking about how their electricity is off. Everything that kept them inside has been stripped away from them, so they are outside more.

They want to be outdoors in the sunlight, with people and with each other.

At this point Michelle said something I hope I never forget...

"The days seem to last forever."

How many times do I hear myself say, "Time is going by too quickly. My kids are growing up too fast. The last three years feel like a blur to me."

I say those things a lot.

Something must be very different about my life when compared to Michelle's. Her days seem to go on forever. She feels like she has so much time...the days drag on.

I've not had a dragging day since elementary school.

Michelle's statement has me thinking...deeply thinking...

What is eating up my time and my life? What is making my days fly by so fast I swear I feel like I'm running after them, hard as I can, and yet I feel like I can never catch up.

We're told all these modern day conveniences are here to make our life easier...and better.

I don't think after living one full year in absolute simplicity that this couple in this movie would agree.

With no electricity, no cars, no tv, no internet, no shopping, not much crap to take care of, this mother said...

"The days go on forever."

She didn't mean that in a negative way. She meant she had been given the gift of time, of feeling like there were more than enough hours in her day to do what was important.

I can't say the same for my life.

And so here I am today asking the Lord to give me fresh eyes...

How is the enemy stealing my days? How is he robbing me of moments with my children, of time with people?

How is my lack of time and my excess of "stuff" linked together?

Living simply, Michelle said her days seem to go on forever.

Incredible. I'm going to think on that for awhile.

And then, because these people have inspired me, I hope I don't stop with thinking. Thinking is great but sometimes thinking is too safe. This world is already bubbling over, like peroxide on a wound, with people who "think" things, but don't live out their own thoughts and convictions. This couple in "No Impact Man" have taught me that thinking isn't enough. If I think something, why not move from thought to action?


beccaellis said...

Well, you've got a GOOD point. I will think on it too. I'm a tad bit concerned that you might throw out the internet as a result of this movie... So, as you process this and pray about it, be sure to consider the HUGE ministry you have through your blog to college students, young moms and who knows who else. Do what God calls you to do, but consider blog time as time spent for eternity's sake. -Even the funny pointless stuff.

Sherman said...

Yep. That's what I got from the movie. Specifically the last paragraph or so of "thinking." We could watch this movie (Or read the bible, or see devastation in Haiti) and do nothing. If that's my response to things that move me, then this movie was one glorious waste of time. If I am not moved to action, then I'm dead right? I mean, read the book of James.
I was once talking with a cyclist friend of mine who said (concerning our last pres. election) he had no problem with people having faith, but don't let it affect your decision making. I retorted, if faith doesn't affect every part of your life, then it's not faith. Again, James.

So, be changed by what you have seen. Simplify, give away. Believe me, as a family who has given away at one point almost everything we owned, it is freeing to simplify. Look at your life and all the things in it... What would you be upset to lose. Do thieves want to break in a destroy as Matthew 6 says? Is it because we have a bunch of junk worth stealing?

Rich Mullins said in his song "Hold Me Jesus" ..."I'd rather fight you for what I don't really want, then take what you give and I need."
So true.

Also, in maybe a self-righteous way (I'll just be honest), I thought, people have been doing this kind of thing for a long time. People have been living counter cultural since cultures existed (I mean, Noah... c'mon). I know I've never been as radical as that dude, but if all I see is something to do for a year, to experience and then go back to the way things are, it's frustrating at best and hypocritical at worst.

I liked how they stressed the sustainability of your lifestyle. I know they took some things back in after the year, but I hope in 10 years they don't look back and think, "Hey remember that time when we didn't have anything... remember 'No Impact Man'" all while their lives are full of junk again and thy are drinking 3 quad espressos a day (Yikes!). But, it is so easy to get caught back up in the everyday affairs.

That's what I don't want to see. A life impacted for change that slowly but surely accepts all things back in...

These are things that we wrestle with. I hope others are wrestling too.

Feldman Family said...

I am still just simply challenged by the fact of living radically!
While putting a "token" bag of plastic recycling out every Thursday doesn't make me an "environmentalist"...neither do my "token" acts of Christianity make me obedient to God's word.
I'm not saying that I shouldn't put out my recycling bag, but in the grand scheme of things...what type of impact am I having? REally I just do it to make Emma happy (she's our hippie).
What are the areas in my life that I am not wholehearted?
We are called as believers to be radical! We are called to be different. I think we have bought into this idea of "meshing" with culture, to a detrimental extreme.
FAR too often we lOOK too much like "culture". We say with our mouths that we are "all in" for the Gospel...but how does that flesh itself out in real life?
Are we really living it, or are we just tossing our recycle bag out once a week so that we feel like we are doing something (at least a little something)?
Are we being bold? Are we sharing the gospel? Are we living a life that shows the gospel and the freedom that it brings is unmatchable here on earth?
Live radically. Thought provoking to say the least!

The Lourceys said...

I know I'm commenting on all your old posts but I read and then take a while to process. I am so wanting to see this. Can I rent it from a movie rental place like Blockbuster? My sweet husband brought the book home for me from the library the other day and I can't wait to read it!