Tuesday, February 09, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Pretty stinkin' well, if I do say so myself.

And it's about time.

We've tried to get food out of our garden for years.

For years we have failed and thought over and over that if our life depended on our garden, the Hendricks would have died a long time ago.

The other night we ate a salad and everything (except the tomatoes) came from our backyard.

How exciting!

This salad contained lettuce, spinach, green onions, carrots, and broccoli.

We were in awe.

I added tomatoes that Jessie and I bought on our hippy trip to the local farmer's market.

Fun times.

I'm amazed at how plants like spinach, lettuce, broccoli and carrots can keep on thriving after several "freezes." They look so frail, and yet they are incredibly hardy.

I can't wait for our Spring garden.

If you are wanting to try your hand at a garden, right now is the time when you buy potatoes. From what I've heard potatoes are super easy to grow. You have to buy them now, and plant them in the ground Valentine's Day weekend.

Gardening has been great for my soul. I think there is something so good about digging in the earth and watching the natural cycles of life right in your own backyard. I think in our culture it's easy to live far from the earth, unattached to the life it brings and the lessons God teaches through His creation.

I know it sounds weird to say that growing a garden has been a very spiritual thing for me...but the truth is...it has.

Eating our first "this grew in our backyard" salad was more fulfilling and rewarding than I think any of us were expecting.

Anyone planting a garden this Spring?

I'm so ready for this winter to be over. I want to feel the sun on my skin and the earth in my hands.


The Kenley Family said...

Where do you buy potatos at to plant? I'm confused and haven't been able to find any locally.

Hendrick Family said...

I bought ours at Producer's Coop.

But, next year I will know better...

I think you can just buy organic potatoes, let them "root" a little, cut them up and put them in the ground.

From what I've heard, this is how you plant the potatoes...

You cut them in large chunks, making sure each chunk has an "eye." Then, you let them sit out for a few days and scab over. This is supposed to protect them from disease. Then you plant them Valentine's Day weekend.

If anyone else knows more about potatoes...share the love!


Kim said...

we have been wanting to garden, but the "growing season" is way too short for us. bummer. maybe when we move to a more mild climate, we can.

i know what you mean about the spiritual part. chase & i netflixed no impact man thanks to your encouragement and the concept that stood out more than anything was the whole gardening part. he said something about not relying on a calendar because seeing nature's seasons was so much more realistic and meaningful. love that. when its time to turn the soil and start all over...thats the real new year.

Hendrick Family said...


You should see if container gardens do well there (ones you can bring inside when it freezes). You would be surprised at how many cherry tomatoes you can get out of a plant in a bucket!


Kim said...

i'll look into it! :) thanks

Garratts said...

YUMMMMMMY!!! I want some!

Erin said...

i am determined to have a garden this spring...i grew up with a fantastic garden thanks to my dad filled with okra, onions, broccoli, green beans, who knows what else, and a TON of tomatoes. i would eat the tomatoes like candy. i am also convinced i am going to grow a ton of tomatoes and can a ton of them so i don't have to buy tomatoes and tomato products in bpa-lined cans anymore...i feel kind of deceived to buy organic products in bpa-lined metal cans. not cool :-o anyway, i am going to enlist my dad's advice, but i also want to plant herbs and lettuces. but i know nothing! i need a book or something...i am glad it's going well for you!

Anonymous said...


We are planting a garden and getting our seeds from Baker Creek. They are an heirloom seed company that you can use some of your produce to dry out and plant those seeds next year. You have to be careful that you are not buying seeds that can't be reproduced, alot of the hybrids are this way. The government is putting restrictions on heirlooms because they don't want people to be self sufficient (you know this is a hot button for me). Soooooo be aware of what you are buying for your seeds. Americas Country store in Wellborn has seed potatoes right now if you wanted to plant them....we are starting our beds this weekend and will be going forward. Guess what Mike is putting in our backyard this weekend A CLOTHESLINE..YEP the old fashion kind....I am trying to use less electricity and last month I had our bill down to $150..WOOHOOOOOO!!! BTW I LOVED "NO IMPACT MAN!" DEBI

Anonymous said...

OH one more thing...I have changed my landscaping around the house too...I use my flower beds as herb gardens so when I am cooking I just walk outside the door and grab the herbs I need. I have changed my trellis into a KIWI vine that grows here in texas so you can just grab some fruit off the trellis...i planted a red apple tree, a green apple tree and a peach tree. I also have blackberry vines growing on the fence so we can just pick them and then can whatever is in the yard. You must listen to thesurvivalpodcast.com he has some fabulous ideas for this type of gardening, i think he calls it zero gardening, meaning that where ever you walk out your door you can find something to eat in case the world goes crazy and you can't buy food at the store. I am sure I have told you about this before, but today his podcast is about planting your spring garden. OK enough from the crazy lady...ttyl DEBI

Jeanie said...

This year I am trying "lasagna gardening." It's a way to prepare the soil without tilling. My soil is full of worms and roly poly's doing their thing and making moist nutrient rich soil. I will plant in a couple of weeks.

Riahli said...

Oh I love gardening. I am planning on changing my front yard into a garden/flowerbed. We never play on the front lawn and it seems like such a waste of space. I read a book a while ago about getting rid of lawns and turning them into edible landscapes, and I loved it! I only have two small garden boxes right now so I am excited to start on the new project. We will see how far I get though seeing as I have four children 4 and under. The 4 month old is making it a bit hard to get much of anything extra done right now...I don't mind too much though because she's just so stinkin adorable. :)

I often feel the closest to God in the garden (or anywhere in nature really) and I love to have talks with Him while I am looking at the beautiful world He created.

The Kramer Family said...

looks delish! our lettuce pooped out on us....and the chickens didn't help much eating it for breakfast. dern things.

i've heard that a lot of the baker creek seeds don't do good here. i'm curious to see how they work for you.....oh and you NEED a blog too to update us on all of your hippy adventures:) okay???

mandi said...

hey- you can buy potatoes from my organic farm csa (home sweet farm). that's where i got mine. i blogged about it, so you can find it there too, or just google them.

love that you made your first home grown salad! there's nothing better!

and i totally agree- gardening is spiritual. think of all the agrarian examples in scripture.

also- for kim- check out 'four season harvest'. this dude lives in maine and grows food year round.

i second lyns- baker creek didn't do great for me. except the beans. they worked ok. but i love supporting companies like this...so i'm not knocking them!