Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Haitian Children Update

We need more families.

That's the bottom line.

There are 30 families ready to care for Haitian kids who need to come to our country for medical reasons.

We need 50.

For all of those who contacted us from Houston...this opportunity is now open to you.

Just so I get less hate mail:

There is an agency here in Texas working with an organization in Haiti to bring children over to the US for surgery and other medical needs.

This is very different than fostering for those of you familiar with that process. You will need some training, a home study, criminal background checks...stuff that you would need for an adoption. The difference is, you don't need money (like you would for an adoption). The other difference is, these kids will not be wards of the state. They won't belong to CPS. So, lots of the crazy rules and weirdness that go along with fostering won't be there. If you have fostered before you know what I'm talking about.

I'm about to leave the house, but if you are interested in this opportunity to care for Haiti's orphans and you live in or near Austin, Bryan/College Station, or Houston please contact me through EMAIL.


If we don't get 50 families, we've been told this can't happen. The kids can't come. I'm not trying to be dramatic here, but the truth is the kids will sit in Haiti suffering, many dying of silly things like infection when care is readily available for them here in the states.

Please pray about your involvement.

When I get home this afternoon, my goal is to sit down and write something about how hard of a decision this is.

We know.

We're struggling too.

This seems insane.

But I'm trusting that God will speak to each of us, and if He is prompting us to trust Him and do this crazy kingdom thing, that we will throw out our lists of why we can't and say yes...maybe a shaky, I'm scared, this makes me have diarrhea yes...but yes.

Please spread the word wisely.

I want God's people to know about this need, but I also want to protect these agencies from anything...any people...any powers that would come against what it is God is doing through them.


Elizabeth Seay said...

Heather...I am working on a list of doctors for Houston. i think we have about 8 so far willing/wanting to help. including Orthopedists at Shriners Hospital (prosthetics.) so, houston families... get on it! we need more houston families to have a strong sense of community here with the kids that come to our city.

Anonymous said...

I think one of the things that my husband and I are struggling with is that we could commit to help a child for a short time, but are not ready to adopt. Do you have to want to adopt to host these children? It's just moving too quickly for us to make a decision like that.

Hendrick Family said...

Great question.

No one really knows the answer though! This is all new, weird and unprecedented.

But, I will say the agency is looking for adoption minded families. If God makes a way for these kids to remain here in the US, then they need to be in a home opened to adoption.

With that said, please know that no one knows if adoption is going to happen.

Adoption is one of the areas where we have to face the obvious...we are not in control. We never are, but adoption forces each of us to realize that God is in control. He alone is sovereign. He plans families.

This opportunity reminds us that no one knows what will happen in the future about ANYTHING...we fool ourselves into believing we know what will happen in other areas of our lives, but the truth is...we don't know.

For those of you who have never considered adoption, this might not be your thing. Hopefully God has already burdened families about adoption and they just needed a nudge...an opportunity.


Anonymous said...

Do you know just how close a family would need to be to Houston?

Anonymous said...

Are you still looking for families? What are the guidelines? We are in Austin, have six kids (two adopted from foster care four years ago, one adopted from a disruption 8 months ago, and another adopted from a disruption a month ago). The last home study we had was an update for our latest addition last October. Would we just have another update?

Thanks for any info. I'm praying for your family and thankful for your willingness to be Jesus' hands and feet.

shastastevens at yahoo dot com