Friday, February 12, 2010

Haitian Children Needing Medical Assistance Update

I have been overwhelmed by how many people have responded to this need.

I am taking the post down at this point. We've sent about 60 families to the agency to find out more about helping these kids.

At this point, the "ugliness" is coming out.

Apparently this post got twittered. We don't have twitter, so it wasn't us.

That's fine, and no one feel bad.

But...I don't have time today to deal with the people accusing me of handing Haitian kids to pedophiles. I can sort of understand the "concerns", (especially since I'm Baptist) but I also know the need is great, these kids are suffering, and wanted to spread the word to so many incredible families we know.

Obviously, for those of you who got the information you are aware...

We were putting families that we know in contact with a licensed agency working with the Haitian government to bring children over to the US who need medical care they can't receive in their country. No one fear. Although this is different than fostering, things like FBI fingerprinting, home studies by licensed agencies, background checks, and lots of other protective measures will be taken. The agency would like to place the kids in homes where parents are open to adoption in case that opportunity presents itself. That's wise. Who knows what the future holds, and we pray if these kids need forever homes that God provides those.

We didn't mention the agency's name online because we want to protect them from the ugliness.

Please pray with us at this point that God makes a way for these kids to get to the US and get the medical attention they need.


The Keierleber Family said...

Sorry for the ugliness. People can be so nasty. :/ Thanks for getting the word out though!

Bob & Judy said...

Hang in there, kiddo. Nobody who knows you and knows your heart would think you would ever endanger a child. Those who don't know - well, they just don't know.

Lerin said...

Yes, there is much ugliness on the internet. Sorry you got some of it today! You are right... you don't have the time to deal with that. <3