Saturday, February 13, 2010

We Are the World. I Can't Resist.

Sorry...but I love this.

If you try really hard not think of how one of these celebrities could single-handedly lift a third world country out of poverty, then the song is really enjoyable. I even teared up a few times. Not gonna lie. Music does that to me.

I'll admit...I didn't know who some of these people were. Thankfully handy dandy Wikipedia has come through once again:

Soloists (in order of appearance)

Justin Bieber
Nicole Scherzinger
Jennifer Hudson
Jennifer Nettles
Josh Groban
Tony Bennett
Mary J. Blige
Michael Jackson (stock material only)
Janet Jackson
Barbra Streisand
Miley Cyrus
Enrique Iglesias
Jamie Foxx
Wyclef Jean
Adam Levine
BeBe Winans
Celine Dion
Orianthi (on guitar)
Nick Jonas
Toni Braxton
Mary Mary
Isaac Slade
Lil Wayne
Carlos Santana (solo with a guitar)
LL Cool J
Snoop Dogg
Busta Rhymes
Swizz Beatz
Kanye West

For a list of the people in the chorus you can check it out at Wikipedia (you have to scroll down to the Haiti version).

If you're like me, then you have to watch the old "We Are the World." Go's fun, and it's Saturday.

Can we all laugh about the sunglasses in both versions (I the random celebrities wearing them indoors. I'm not making fun of Stevie Wonder or Ray Charles. Not even I make fun of blind people. They can keep their sunglasses...but others? Celebrities can be so weird).

Now here is the game I'd like to play.

Who do you wish was in the new "We Are the World" that wasn't?

And...most importantly, who do you wish randomly appeared in the "chorus?"

Me...I kept waiting for Beyonce to slap some she-funk on this song, and I wish Zach Braff's face was randomly seen in the chorus (with his crazy eyes). It would be even better if "Turk" was standing next to him.

Aaron...he wishes Dwight Schrute had made an appearance. I'm about to pee my pants thinking of the camera scanning the chorus and seeing Dwight standing there (with his eyebrows raised, staring at the camera).

What about you?


Kim said...

dwight definitely would have made this better. i feel like they could have used the funds that it took to make this and just sent it straight to haiti.

i'll admit that i'm definitely being a pessimist, but i couldn't help but give a big eye roll when i watched it last night.

Kim said...

oh...and my vote for random participant that would have made it extra funny

tracy morgan from snl/30 rock. especially if he was standing next to miley cyrus.

The Kramer Family said...

i'm not gonna lie either....i teared up too.

the video took a major turn to the cheese when they posted old footage of MJ and his sequined glory. did not like that. sorry.

it was sort of odd seeing all of these "big shot" artists in one video. i wonder if Miley was jealous that she didn't get a solo opportunity.

nothing can even top a dwight appearance so i'm not even going to try. good call aaron.

MeldaET said...

I cried when I saw the video last night.......maybe because I have walked some of those Haitian streets and seen children like those. I don't know - On a musical level - the first We Are The World was better (harmony and such) but of course, the cause for the second is close to my heart. I hope that the singers DID donate some personal cash to the cause. I think there are a lot of "regular" people who want "something" for their money. So those that would never just donate cash, will buy the song. (or a T-shirt, or a Haitian Creation purse, or a pair of shoes to send ??)
I can name MANY of the singers in the first "We Are The World" (Air Supply ? Almost forgot about those guys....)
The second one ......thanks for the list. I guess I am out of touch!
Who I would like to see: Some Christian folks would be nice. Michael W. Smith / TobyMac / Steven Curtis Chapman / Point of Grace / I don't know, Switchfoot?
Last but not least, cause I am long winded tonight..... Don't know Dwight - either I am way out of the loop, or it's a College Station joke that I have long missed out on.

cynthia said...

random lurker... having to put my two cents in! this may sound weird, but i really thought it was cool to have some rap in there. i'm not the biggest fan of that genre, but i thought it was appropriate that it was represented. could have done with a little less wyclef jean. some of the people in the chorus should have had solos, like jason mraz. but it was nice that so many were flavors represented, like the bollywood peeps i caught glimpses of in there. i know a lot of people more would have been in it, but they had prior commitments like tours and such.

while the song is very moving and very interesting to see the video, and good to give money to help, our biggest concern should be that the Gospel is proclaimed, that the Haitian people and the world watching are hearing that they need Jesus, that He's the only remedy for their biggest problem: their sin. that there's hope only in the blood of Christ shed for all.

cynthia said...

and yes, dwight schrute would have been awesome in there, too. ;)

Jessica said...

Heather, guess what!

My roommate's dad produced this video. We heard some funny stories about these guys coming to the filming.

Just a random fact for the day. His name is John Rubey. You can find him in the credits online :)

Hendrick Family said...

Get out of town, Jessica! I need to hear those stories.

I was thinking something like this would be CRAZY to put together with all those egos in the room.

Grace Family said...

Wishing I had seen more country people. And really, what were Vince Vaughn and Jeff Bridges doing in it? Was it not for musician people?

I liked the rap part too... well to be included even though I'm NOT a fan of that kind of music.

Some Christian representation would have been nice too I think. And yes, I would not have wanted to be the director with all those egos either. Hopefully those people came that day(s) with the right mind-set that it isn't about them... especially when they stopped to think about why they were there.

maddie said...

I actually did not like this new version... They should have just rereleased the old one... Here are multiple reasons why this version was not all it was cracked up to be.
1. I did not like that it was a time for the rappers to take over... eww
2. WHY on earth would have Justin Bieber start the song, when you have someone like Celine Dion standing there. THAT was a poor decision
3. Why was Vince Vaghn randomly in the chorus.

For all those wanting Christian representation... Some Christian artists came together and recorded a song for Haiti as well, You can download it on Itunes, it features many of the names you guys mentioned. It is called "Come Together Now"

I did not like this remake. It was a great cause that I am glad these people came together in support of, but the song was not good. It lacked the music and harmony that made the first one so awesome.