Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Haiti orphans facing neglect

Ryan sent this out yesterday.

Need something to pray about today?

Let's pray for Haiti.

Let's ask God to move us to action, to be willing to do whatever the Lord asks us to do to share His love and bring the hope of the gospel to this country.

Let's be women who are informed, who care about what's going on around the world, and who pray.

Proverbs 31:20
She opens her arms to the poor and extends her hands to the needy.


Ryan said...

You realize that your blog just may get flagged as a terrorist outpost since you have linked to an Al Jazeera article, right??

You've made it a long way, Heather. I'm real proud!

Bob & Judy said...

It's heartbreaking to look at these babies and know there's absolutely nothing I can do.

And then I remember.

Prayer is not nothing

Prayer is everything.

The Keierleber Family said...

Ugh, heartbreaking.

Please tell me I have not missed the opportunity to welcome one of these angels into my home.

I am in Houston. Please send my the info:

Your Sister in Christ,

Melda said...

God forgive us for our apathy.
forgive me for mine

the lewisi female said...

So you mentioned before that you wanted people in the area who could adopt... but what do those of us out of state do if we want to get involved with adopting?

Hendrick Family said...

Great question. I think first, you start praying and talking together as a couple.

I think it's important to research costs, agencies and whether or not you want to adopt internationally or domestically.

If you know God has spoken to your heart about adoption, then I think it's wise to start saving money. Adoptions cost money.

But more than anything, I think at any point believers can stay educated about the plight of the orphan, be informed, be an advocate, and defend them.

I would recommend that anyone longing to know more about adoption, and God's strong heart for it read Adopted for Life by Russell D. Moore.

Love you sweet Lindsey girl1