Thursday, January 28, 2010

When a Doorbell Means Good News

Look what just showed up on my door step!

The purses from Haiti for the purse party.

They are here! A TON of them!

Is it weird that I went through the box examining the bags with tears running down my face?

Hard to hold them and the beautiful woman who made this bag still alive?

Are her children?

I wonder where she is living?

I'm eager to share these purses with you...and for us to pray over Haiti.

More details about the party here.

Hope you can make it.


Kim said...! wish i could come. hope you sell ALL of them! :)

how much do most of them run? i may have you pick one out for me...or heck, maybe i could host a party here!

ps i have a giveaway on my blog right now. i know you love a good giveaway :)

Vashti said...

Wish I could come! The bags look lovely! And it is not weird that you sat and cried, I wouldnt have been able to open the box with out loosing it.

Barbara said...

Morning, I will gladly take one of the purses priced at $25 or $30 dollars. If you will pick it out and mail it to me I will gladly pay the postage and send you a money order, if that is ok.

Barbara (in Texas)

Jamie Ivey said...

hey there! Aren't these purses fabulous! I hope that your party goes great!

Bob & Judy said...

Could you pick me out one and let me pay for it? No pink. Anything else would be great. It's so good to know they're ok. What a relief to see them sewing and, well, alive! Grandma

Carrie said...

so exciting!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


I can't be there on Monday since I'll be working on Watchman Prayer Ministry things, however, I DID order me a purse and receive it just this week. It is AWESOME! I love it! It's so styling! In fact, my daughter Hannah said it looks like a college girl bag--styling! ;)

I have been praying over Haiti and the woman who made this. Thanks for locating and making this available.

Hendrick Family said...


I'm so glad you ordered a bag. Hopefully I'll get to see it some time!