Thursday, January 28, 2010

Something Bigger

Some days I need a little perspective.

You know, when things like spilled orange juice and a lost Language Arts book about ruins my day.

It's good to step away from my little, laughable life and listen to the things God is doing around the world. My problems seem like a funny joke.

If you're needing some inspiration today...a big breath of miracle filled are some links that have left me teary eyed this week.

These stories have moved me and caused me to get up from the computer, take a good look around me and thank God for refreshing perspective...where spilled orange juice is not the end of the world, it's an opportunity to show grace and a lost Language Arts book is not cause for crap to hit the fan in this's a reason to ask forgiveness and share the gospel with my kids.

Confession of my brattyness to a loving God is always good for my soul. When God opens the window and lets me look outside of my own kitchen, that's also good for my soul.

Thought I would share the view in case you find yourself with bratty insides today in need of some fresh air.


Kisses from Katie. Have you subscribed to her blog yet? You'll be blessed, promise.

Remember the story I shared a week ago on this blog about the Iveys waiting to bring their son Amos home from Haiti? He's home! Take a few minutes to soak up the goodness of the Lord through the pictures and stories on their blog.


Ryan sent me some other great links to some Haitian adoption-related blogs.

A few days ago all these babies came home. Read about how God gave the fatherless a father...the pictures alone will mess up your mascara.




Sammy and Gino

I love this story....

Apparently, this couple's child was supposed to be on the same plane as the children united with the families above. But he wasn't.


The husband grabbed a back pack, loaded it up with some underwear and a few snacks, hopped on a plane and went to Haiti to bring his son home.

Who has a big knot in their throat?

You can follow their story here...and maybe let them know you're waiting with them for God to do what He's famous for...the impossible.


Doesn't perspective feel nice?

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