Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The Shred

Lynsey recently introduced me to this new work out with Jillian Michaels.

I like this work out because:

1. running is not working for me right now in this season I'm in with kids the ages they are.

2. it's cold. Working out inside is nice. I'm a winter weenie.

3. running is great and helped me maintain my weight, (and obviously is great for cardio) but I've noticed my body needs some muscle tone. Running is a wonderful thing but leaves some areas of your body unattended.

4. the workout is 20 minutes. I was skeptical at first. Can I get a good work out in 20 minutes in my house? Yes. It is killer. There are three levels. Level one made me unable to walk. Love it.

5. I want to boost my metabolism and toning muscles is one way to do that. Who knew? I need some strength training and Miss Jillian provides that.

6. The exercises are super simple. Basic movements are great for people voted "Least likely to be on a drill team." I never got lost once.

After doing the work out several times here are my thoughts:

1. While she's not as mean as she is on Biggest Loser, Jillian is a pretty scary lady. She's sort of like a pretty man....a pretty, intimidating man.

2. She makes me a little afraid. If I saw her in real life, I might get my cardio in by running away from her. Either way, this makes her a great personal trainer. I only talk trash to her, mock her and grumble about the workout while she's safely confined inside my television. In real life, if I did any of those things I'm pretty positive she'd punch me in my teeth and then give me a wedgie.

3. I had no idea real people could have abs that look the way these lady's do on the video. After doing the video a few times, I checked out my own abs hoping to magically find new ones. Nope. Mine still look like I'm wearing Mrs. Doubtfire's fat suit. Heaven, not Jillian may be the only cure for those.

4. This video makes me sore in all the places where I look at my body and think, "What has happened to me?". That's a good sign, I think.

And now for a warning...

This video is one of those that makes you so sore you no longer "go to the potty."

Instead you fall on it.

But it's 20 minutes! That's it. I feel like the time flies by, and I'm not even having fun.


The Wakefields said...

Clayton and I have been dieting and working out for the past couple of months and Jillian has helped tremendously! The first time we did the Shred together, I think we laid on the floor for another 20 minutes trying to regain our strength! It's brutal, but it WORKS! Have fun! :-)

The Williams Family said...

I laughed and laughed about the potty thing! That's exactly what happens to me after doing certain video's on P90X! I've heard good things about the shred, keep us posted as you continue.

Megan Fletcher said...

I started using 30 Day Shred in December but wasn't so brave to post it on my blog. :-)

I agree with all your assessments. I just added the Biggest Loser Boot Camp DVD to the line-up so I can go back and forth. After doing the workout with Shred for several weeks I still wasn't ready to go to the next level (I was still doing girl push-ups and pooped by the end). I have done Boot Camp twice and was working those muscles in a whole new way. (Shred is a better DVD, though. Much easier to follow.)

Best wishes on sticking with it. Having a 20 minute work-out seems to be keeping me motivated. Who doesn't have 20 minutes?! And, if Hudson's anything like my little ones, he'll start doing squats along beside you!

the lewisi female said...

So funny you blogged about this b/c we got our 30 Day Shred in the mail today!

Mandy said...

My kids like to do this video with me and then they start the next level and keep going while I'm about to pass out from 20 minutes.
yeah - makes me feel great. Where do kids get all of that energy???

mandi said...

NO WAY!!! i just ordered this TODAY from amazon. i am so glad to read your post on it. i originally saw it over at rachel i can't spell her name from memory!

i love your comment about time flying and you're not even having fun! hilarious!

Jodi said...

I love this work out! Got it right before Christmas. I was skeptical too, but love it. It is hard with a 1 year old and teaching to want to work out at the end of the day. But I can do this. only 20 minutes and I feel great! :) i am glad everyone else likes it too. I feel pretty silly telling people I only work out 20 minutes a day!

Rachel said...

I LOVE this workout. I got it last February when I was in horrible shape after not working out one bit postpartum (and my baby was 7 months old). It was so hard at first, but I still love doing the workouts. I go back and forth between levels 2 and 3 at least once a week for each, even while I'm running a lot. Stick with it--I've noticed huge results in my flabby abs after a few months.

Meggers said...

I just love Jillian, so glad you reviewed this at-home workout. I am going to buy it and check it out! 20 minutes sounds ideal for me so I can devote my time to other things during my day! :)