Saturday, January 23, 2010

Purse Party to Help Heartline in Haiti

My friend Melda sent me the neatest idea for helping Haiti. Melda's oldest son was adopted from Heartline Ministries. Heartline is the orphanage connected to Aaron Ivey and the Livesay family.

Here's Melda's oldest son:

Here's Melda...

I know..

It's creepy how much they look alike.

Okay...enough of that.

I was THRILLED to hear how something simple we can do in the US can go to the orphanage and women's center that Heartline Ministries runs.

A Purse Party.

What is it?

Well...we get together and buy purses that are handmade by ladies who are loved and cared for by Heartline Ministries.

I actually looked into Haitian Creations during the time when we were trying to educate ourselves about fair trade. What a great way to know where your purse is coming from, who made it and to use our money for good. If you search the website, you can see actual pictures of the women who are sewing the bags you order. What beautiful work Heartline is doing! Loving people in tangible ways and sharing the hope of the gospel with the women and children in their care.

Right now, the women can't work because the room where they normally sew is being used as the clinic at Heartline Ministries. So...if you are following the Livesay's blog and Heartline's blogs then when you see pictures of the people in the clinics...that's where the women who run Haitian Creations are normally sewing their purses.

Thankfully Heartline still has a lot of inventory. There are lots and lots of purses available to sell.

Every cent goes to help these women and children. Even the lady who called me today to organize the party is a volunteer.

From Heartline:

"Each week over 100 women come through our center as part of our various programs. These women live day to day just trying to make it through and feed their children. Many are just trying to survive. Our program changes that. Women who have never earned a dollar in their lives are now earning money as they sew. Women who had no parenting skills are now taking better care of their children. Women who could not read and write are now learning to. Women who have had no prenatal care are getting the attention they so desperately need. Women light up when they hear the sound of their baby’s heartbeat for the first time."

I spoke with a woman from Haitian Creations today. They are excited about our ladies here in College Station hosting a purse party! They will be shipping us a box filled with purses next week.

Then we party it up. Some sweet friends have offered to help get this party started.

We'll meet, look at the purses, purchase our favorite bag and be blessed that we get to give in such a sweet way.

The purses range from $20-$50.

We'll also have a time of directed prayer for Haiti, specifically focusing on the orphanages and women's centers. Thankfully people from these incredible ministries update their blogs regularly, which means the night of the purse party we will know exactly how to pray for these people who are hurting.

I think this will be a fun night of shopping, prayer and maybe we'll even have a guest speaker. We're still working on those details.

Here's what I need to know for now:

I'm thinking we'll have the party on Monday, February 15.

My house can hold about 50 people if we don't all have to be in the living room.

If more than 50 women want to come, we will need to find a bigger location...which is fine, but I just need to know beforehand.


If you think you'd like to come to a purse party for Haiti on Monday, February 15 please let me know. If you want to help host it, let me know that as well. Hosts will probably just bring a dessert or snack to share.

Maybe you could ask someone who loves you to give you a Haitian purse for Valentines Day! I will most definitely be dropping some loaded hints to Aaron and my boys. Not really. I'll just come right out and say I'd really love one of these for Valentine's Day.

Please spread the word. Invite your friends. And let me know if you plan to come so we can make sure we have room for everyone. If you live here locally (or in nearby cities) we'd love to have you!

If you don't live here locally...

You can help this ministry by buying a purse online or by having your own purse party! If you have a party, you better send me pictures of your fun get together!


Brock & Megs Birkenfeld said...

Count me in!! I'm helping host too!

Can't wait!


Rachel said...

This is so great, Heather! I got one of these bags for my sister for Christmas- it was SO cute and very well made. I love that I got to share the story and person behind the bag with my family.

I chose a bag made from a woman who was the same age as my sister. I think that meant a lot to her.

I'll let you know if I can make it!

Carrie said...

This is such a great idea!!! I've already emailed! We would LOVE to host a party here in Mdville! Can't wait!

Hendrick Family said...

So exciting Carrie!


Zara said...

I'd love to come! I can definitely bring a desert too, that's pretty much my favorite thing.

kayceeb said...

I want to come. I think my sister-in-law will be in from Florida so maybe we can make a girls night out of it. So put me down w/ 3 guests.

Kathryn, Michael and Alex said...

I sure hope I can make it, but I definately want at least one or two purses. I will let you know for sure.

Mallory said...

Tara Stockberger told me about this and I'm so excited! I'll definitely be there!

Tara and Nathaniel said...

I'm gonna come! Do you need additional food? I'll definitely make something if it's needed. I'll ask Meg today.

The Lopases said...

what time is the party at?!

Hendrick Family said...

I think it will be 7-9.

Are you going to come??

Kelly Heslip said...

Heather, this is a wonderful idea. I will not be able to come, but I'm going to pitch the idea to our Mothers of Twins group tonight and hope that we will have a purse party at an upcoming meeting!