Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Our lady boy

Mom Hendrick decides to do the Shred.

Has to buy some arm weights.

Meet the arm weights...

Look like regular ol' arm weights, right?

Well, not to Hayden.

He comes walking into the kitchen last night and announces...

"Look Mom! I'm a lady!"

Meet the boy lady:

Mom Hendrick is speechless.

Look how he's holding them.


I didn't know whether to get onto him, suggest a good bra or laugh.

The laughter just came out, so I rolled with it and said...

"Why don't you go show daddy?"

Boys, boys, boys.


Ricci said...

This made my morning!

We miss you guys! Maybe we can plan a catch up sometime?

Hendrick Family said...

We miss you too!

Hopefully we can catch up soon.


Williams Five said...

So funny!! I just started the shred! Two days ago. It is intense.

the herzogs said...

that's awesome!!!! totally awesome. your stories make me look forward even more to watching caleb grow up and the crazy things he might do. sometimes they make me a little scared, too...like the climbing in tall trees and stuff. :-o

melissa78 said...

hahah so funny!! Typical boy ;)

D.O. said...

Dang it!

Once again, you've caused me to burst out in laughter at a coffee shop.

People stop what they're doing and look when this happens, you know?

Hayden. I love you, boy.

Lerin said...

How many times have I said it... I LOVE HAYDEN! LOL

Angela Collins said...

On the one hand, I think it's very sweet that he referred to himself as a "lady" (not "woman" or "chick"). On the other hand, I'm pretty sure no "lady" would be caught dead in that pose (and certainly not looking so proud of herself)! Thanks for sharing this! I don't know you at all (found the blog through a friend), but I always enjoy the wonderful mixture of serious, challenging, and humorous posts!