Friday, January 22, 2010

No Impact Man

Can't wait to watch this!

What a huge undertaking.

No trash for one year.

Can't even imagine.

We Hendricks are trash making machines.

This trailer has a yuck word in it. Maybe wait till your chillin's aren't around to watch it.

Seems like this family was changed forever.


Wish there was a way to get a big group together to watch this.

Looking into it...


Rachel said...

Let us know when!

Also, I read a great post yesterday at called "Can Natural Living Become and Idol?"

It's great to see projects like Impacts Man's, but I have a feeling it will be a very worldly, non-Jesus centered perspective. I think we can glean useful information from such things, but it's refreshing to read posts like the one Lyndsey wrote and be reminded that such "great" living can become an idol and to continually evaluate the condition of our hearts concerning these matters.

Still want to see it :)

Hendrick Family said...

I definitely agree.

He's not coming at this with the motives (I hope) we as believers come at living simpler.

But...I'm sure we will learn a lot as a family from this movie.

I hope it sparks many great conversations that ultimately lead to thinking through stewardship, humility and honoring the God who created us and created this world!


jordan said...

This looks fantastic. Right now, I am thinking of ways that Danny and I could do this. Geez no toilet paper? What a challenge. I think this could be done really well. Although, I don't know if we would stop using toilet paper (maybe, I mean I did it in India... why not here?). There is so much that we could stop buying and using.

I'm in for a group viewing. We will have the movie by Monday (i just put it in my Netflix queue. So much for not wasting:) Let me know if you want to use it!

Hendrick Family said...

Ha! Jordan...

Toilet paper was the first thing I thought of when I heard they made no trash all year.

I seriously need to know what they did instead of using toilet paper.


LD said...

I swear, nothing is off limits on this blog! If I had to give up toilet paper, I would invest in a bidet... or at least a good squirt bottle. Yep, I said it.

Anonymous said...


Since I have started composting we only have to have to put our trash out every other week and the trash can isn't even full. PLUS I will get to use the compost for my garden this spring...I am excited to be doing something about the waste. If I was more inclined I would seperate plastic and glass, since this is most of what our trash is I would have to put the trash out even less.


Debi missed a great emergency preparedness class this morning. I am going to scan all the material and email it to my group.